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The destination spa employs between 50 200 therapy staff so the opportunities for newly qualified therapists, to 'get their foot in the door' far exceeds that of your average high street salon, and with so many employees any newly qualified therapists will surely benefit from working in a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals.

Treatments and Products 

The extensive treatment menu of the destination spas means that no two days can ever be the same, the diversity of the menu normally incorporates the spas 'signature treatments' which is exclusive to them and sets them apart from their competition, as well as the treatments of the product houses that they provide. This means that the spas are constantly providing training in their chosen products houses as well as their exclusive treatments and some spas even go the extent of providing seminars on exceeding expectations, thinking positive and retailing skills just to name a few which is a bonus to any career focused individual.

Due to the high volume of massage requested by guests at these resorts it is imperative that spa managers educate their staff on alternative massage movements incorporating the forearms and elbows thus reducing their employees chances of developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or carpel tunnel both of which can become arthritis later in life. The benefit to the clients by incorporating forearms and elbows can mean the massage feels deeper and more beneficial to them. Massage in the destination spa is diverse in itself where massage therapists have the chance to develop from swedish and aromatherapy massage to deep tissue, hot stone therapy, sports, and even the exotic lomi lomi massage from Hawaii as well as four hands synchronised massage.

Marine based products are a must at any good spa as the mud envelopments, detox wraps as well as floatation treatments and balenotherapy is in high demand and set the scene for the 'spa experience'. The types of guests vary widely from first time 'spa go-er' to the regular 'spa member', from men to women, from corporate guest groups to hen parties. One thing they all have in common is they all benefit from having 'me time' and indulging themselves. Having happy, pampered guests who delight in their day at the spa makes for a productive, happy and enthusiastic team of therapists who enjoy what they do.


However, working in such an intensive environment requires not only a multi skilled therapist but ones who possess good time management and planning ahead is essential to ensure the smooth running of your column, as well as stamina, good physical fitness and lots of energy. The ability to keep focused and have a 'happy' disposition even when you're having a bad day helps to maintain a calm serene environment for guests.

The guest staying at the spa get to experience ultimate luxury and pampering and have use of swimming pools, gymnasiums, Jacuzzi's, saunas, steam rooms and ice chambers all of which help to detox, relax, and rejuvenate. So guests are already feeling pampered and spoilt even before having had any treatments.

Managers and employers alike must make time for the therapists, to treat each other this enables the therapists to pick up tips from other skilled employees, and experience new treatments they are yet to learn as well as remembering what the guests are experiencing and so correcting even the smallest detail so they constantly deliver top of the range treatment experiences. Some employers even allow therapists to treat each other after work or to come in on days off at no charge.

These types of resorts spa's are often located in countryside environments close to small towns and villages so that the guests can feel that they are 'away from the hustle and bustle of their normal lives' so employers may offer staff accommodations on site or even in the local towns and provide a complimentary mini bus to take staff to and from work. You may find yourself having to share a room with another therapist, for some younger therapists this can be the first time away from home and so employers may find themselves having to 'parent' some employees and set certain rules regarding staff housing.

The destination spa is great experience for any professional therapist, there are plenty of opportunities to develop and advance on technical skills and on the career ladder and any therapist interested in 'spa work' may find themselves eventually having the chance to work internationally at exotic and luxurious locations from Maldives, Mauritius, Hawaii or Bermuda to Dubai, Qatar, India and Australia. The world really is your oyster and a five star destination spa on your CV is your passport around the world.


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