Developments, Products and Trends New to the Spa Industry

Within this article I am going to focus on one new facial product, one new body treatment development and one new trend, all of which are currently new to the spa industry market.


As we know one of the main concerns for women of any age is wrinkles and lines.  If you ask many of your clients what sort of facial or facial product they are looking for, the word ‘anti-ageing’ will generally come into the conversation.

Some of your clients may even resort to ‘Botox’ treatment a neurotoxin injection into the nerves of the face to help diminish and freeze those facial lines and wrinkles. It works instantly as it is a ‘focused cold therapy’ that uses three thin needles in what looks like an electric toothbrush injected into the face. So you still have the injections just without the chemicals, Lovera claim.

Many women however are still not comfortable with the thought of toxins being injected into the body and see this as too much of a chemical procedure.

This leads onto why many companies have tried to provide a product and treatment that will give the same ‘botox effect’ without the chemical substance. This is when I started to research and came across ‘Lovera’. 

Lovera is very commonly known within the spa industry and has maintained a great reputation.  It is a simple 15 minute procedure which entails a liquid made from nitrous oxide to temporarily freeze the nerves that move the muscles in the face.  The effects are said to last 4 months and the treatment costs starts at £250 depending on how many areas are required for treatment.

ProShock Ice:

Many women are body conscious and with all the dieting and exercise regimes available to us they sometimes still feel this is not enough.  ProShock ice combines two technologies to help reduce fat and tone and tighten the skin. 

It is a procedure known as ‘fat freezing’ or technically known as ‘cryolipolysis’ meaning it uses cold temperatures to break down the fat cells and adipose tissue to create non-invasive body contouring. It is a completely safe and comfortable procedure and is stated to be an alternative to aliposuction treatments for some clients who may not need or want to go down the surgical approach to cellulite and excess fatty tissue issues.

This type of treatment has been around for a while, however ProShock ice has developed a new technology to enhance the effects and also reduce the pain that can sometimes be felt from this treatment.

A small metal plate is firstly applied directly over the areas of the skin that the client would like to be targeted.  These plates then decrease dramatically in temperature.  In theory this then destroys and breaks down the fat cells, a process which continues to work over a number of weeks.

The second stage uses high pressure acoustic wave technology to eliminate the dead fat cells which tone and tighten the skin to create smooth skin and decrease the ‘orange peel’ appearance that can occur with conditions like cellulite for example.

The aim is to improve the blood circulation and create ‘apoptosis’ which is the killing of the cells that are creating the fat or adipose tissue.

The treatment lasts 30 minutes and four to six treatments are recommended.  The typical price for a course of these would be £1000 based on London prices. Clients are measured before and after treatments, as this procedure also claims to help loose inches as well as being able to improve the appearance of the skin. The results of this treatment are said to be visible within two weeks of the first treatment.

Vampire Facelifts:

This trend of facials started at the beginning of the year when Kim Kardashian tweeted pictures of what seemed a grotesque mask of blood. However this then stirred a worldwide trend for people to try this unusual facial.

It involves drawing blood from the client and then injecting the platelets mixed with calcium chloride to make a gel back into the clients face to create a look of ultimate youth and radiance. 

These injections are similar to that of a dermal filler. It will apparently also ‘puff out’ any fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. The injection of the blood back into the skin is claimed to promote the production of new blood cells and boost collagen production also.

Your own blood is placed into a machine for 6 minutes where the red and white blood cells are separated.  This then produces the plasma that is full of the platelet cells which are the little beauties that then create the reproduction of new cells, once injected back into the skin.

According to reports this whole procedure must be performed within 10 minutes otherwise coagulation occurs where the plasma would turn into a thick jelly-like substance.

The injections are targeted to whichever area you feel would need it the most.  

Many reviews of this treatment say it is also particularly helpful in treating scars and marks left by acne or accidents.

It was originally used to treat sports injuries and has only recently been used for beauty/cosmetic purposes.  As this sort of injection helps to rebuild cells in areas where muscles have become damaged.

Per treatment the price tag on this procedure is approximately £530.  Treatment time is around 90 minutes long.  It is recommended that you have three of these facials every six weeks, and then a maintenance session every six months. 

Which, when you think about it price wise is actually not too bad, considering it is using a very natural product (your own blood!) as opposed to a foreign chemical or toxin. Also clients who have had the procedure comment that there is very little bruising or signs of injections on the face, unlike what you may get with other injection treatments.

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