Don't Forget the SPF

The problem is how to get a suntan. Some like to fake it which is not a problem at all (as long as you're applying the product well and not end up streaky orange which is a no no¦). Others like to get fried with oil and stay long hours on the beach and suffer the next day with sunburn which reminds me of the movie The Heartbreak kid (if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it). Well that's not the way to be.

Here are some tips how to get a perfect suntan that will last all summer (and winter)

  1. Exfoliate - The skin needs to shed the dead skin cells so that the sun can penetrate. So get your loofah and start scrubbing.
  2. Suntan lotion - This product is necessary. I know most of you might think that by applying SPF you won't get tanned but that's not true. You will get tanned gradually without getting burned and the tan will last longer.
  3. Tan for only an hour a day. Do not miss any spots and do not forget to take off your sunglasses unless you want to look like E.T.
  4. Moisturise day and night so your skin doesn't get dr

Last but not least drink lots of water. Water will hydrate you and will make your skin hydrated. (Forget the Sangria on the can lead you to do dangerous things).

Hope these tips helped you out and now hope you don't forget to pack your SPF whenever you go the the beach. Enjoy this coming summer whether you're going on holiday or staying home.

Until next time

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