Ella Baché at Merchant Inns

Another major discovery and one of today's most popular anti-ageing ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid, can be contributed to the R&D work of Ella Baché and her friend and colleague, Estée Lauder.

Ella Baché, the premium professional skincare range from Paris. Ella Baché offers you skin that is good enough to eat, revealing your natural beauty through high-performance skincare with delicious and nourishing ingredients.

In 1930s Paris, Ella Baché, a chemist from Hungary and a contemporary of Estée Lauder and Elizabeth Arden, began her career developing formulas for the likes of Dior, Guerlain and Hermès. A pioneer in cosmetic science, she envisioned a new type of cosmetics that were: natural, enticing, effective and reliable, and by 1936 decided to create her own-name skincare line. She discovered the abundance of active ingredients in foods and created formulas with fruits, herbs and teas, working from her salon in Rue de la Paix, Paris. As a consumer herself, she gave a wonderful sensory quality to her products.

The world-renowned Crème Tomate moisturiser was one of the first products that Ella Baché developed – and with its amazing radiance-boosting qualities remains a 'hero' product today. In her native country, peasant women would cut a tomato in half and rub their faces with it, and they had very radiant complexions. As Ella Baché herself said, "The recipe can be explained scientifically: tomatoes extract has a radiance boosting effect thanks to the Vitamins A(regenerating effect), B (boosting cell renewal effect) and C (anti-oxidant) it contains." In fact, Ella Baché's Crème Tomate was the first AHA-based skin cream.

A scientist, Ella Baché married the secrets of science with the secrets of nature: "Nowadays people swear only by natural products. I have always used them, since well before this current trend" she said back in the 70s. She was also passionate about transparency, and was the first to voluntarily list product ingredients on packaging.

For over 70 years, Ella Baché's recipes for beauty have been passed on and shared, as she wished, among women. Her founding and timeless concept of beautiful skin through nutrition has a universal appeal; indeed consumer studies show a new attitude towards healthy living and beauty emerging: 85% of women in a recent survey said "you need to eat healthily and feel good to be beautiful".

The four pillars of the Ella Baché brand today are:


Healthy and natural food-based active ingredients, harnessing nutrients essential to skin health and beauty: vitamins, minerals and trace elements. A simple message, without exaggerated promises.


Active ingredients from the most innovative bio-technologies, used in optimum concentrations. A rigorous quality charter which sometimes refuses the use of certain actives despite their being 'in fashion'. Ella Baché says 'Yes' to efficacy but not at any price!


Recipes for beauty bursting with active ingredients that are good for your skin in all senses of the word: nutritional and energising qualities, natural textures and aromas, with a strong sensory dimension. A consistent and appetising brand vocabulary founded on the concept of taste (visuals, product names etc)


A brand that is close to women and deeply attached to its core values of sharing and passing on.

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