Essential Beauty Interview Preparation

Congratulations you've made it through to an interview which means your CV has done it's job of getting you in front of your potential, future employer.

It's now essential that you put on a fabulous performance in your interview. Putting on a good performance requires careful preparation. You wouldn't want to ruin your chances by turning up late because you hadn't checked out how long it would take you to get there, would you?

Remember, it doesn't matter how well qualified or experienced you are in your particular field, a poor performance in your interview will not get you that dream job. Read our essential guide below and you'll find interviews needn't be that stressful.

Interview Preparation Tips

Don't be late!

Candidates that turn up late for their appointment appear disorganised or complacent, qualities that an employer certainly doesn't want in their employees. Arriving late also adds to your stress levels! The employer isn't interested in hearing excuses; busy traffic, lack of parking bays. Other candidates have managed to turn up on time so why couldn't you?

Find out where interview is taking place and how long it will take to get there. AA routefinder is free to use and allows you to put in postcodes of where you're travelling to and from to determine likely length of journey. If you live reasonably close to the venue do a drive by in advance of the day itself
Take loose change. You may have to pay for parking. It's not worth risking a parking fine!
Allow plenty of time. Allow time for bad traffic and be mindful of the time of your interview. If it's at 9am in the morning be mindful of rush hour conditions

Look the part!

Employers want to hire someone that is professional and takes pride in their appearance, especially if they are customer facing or supposedly an expert in personal grooming! Don't leave it till the morning of your interview to find out you can't fit into your suit or that it needs dry cleaned because of staining.

Choose your interview outfit well in advance. You can't go wrong with a suit even if casual clothes go with the job

Make sure your outfit is clean and well pressed

Make sure your makeup is well applied and jewellery is kept to a minimum

Pay attention to your personal hygiene!

Know 'who' and 'what' you've applied for!

Make sure you 'know' who you've applied to. It's not enough to know the name of the company. You need to know the treatments they offer, what they stand for, believe in ..... 'Why do you want to work for us?' is one of the most commonly asked interview questions. You can't possibly know the answer unless you know a bit about the company itself.

The internet is a good place to conduct some research and of course most companies have their own website!

Make sure you are also crystal clear on your position you've applied for. During the interview you are going to have to match your personality, qualifications and skills to the requirements of the job.

Know your CV inside and out!

Your CV has got you this interview and your interviewer is going to ask you questions around what you put on your CV. They will want you to provide more details about particular jobs you did or experienced that you gained. It does not look good if what you say in the interview does not tally with what it says in your CV!!

Look at your CV as if you were the interviewer and try and anticipate potentially awkward questions such as;

Why did you leave that job after only 6 months?

It says here you were out of work for 4 months, what were you doing during this time?

Arm yourself with useful documents!

It's perfectly acceptable for you take along documents that may help you during your interview; printed copy of your CV, letters of congratulations from previous employers, photographic portfolio of your work, certificates....

Make sure they're printed on good quality paper and kept in a neat folder.

Know your selling points!

Remember, your sole purpose at an interview is to sell yourself! There is a job going and you have to show the employer that over and above everyone else going for that job, you are the 'right' person, the person whose skill set most accurately 'matches' what they are looking for.

They have to see your 'personality' as being one that will fit into their organisation, your 'skills' as fulfilling the requirements of the job and your 'experience' as being useful.

Hair and Beauty Jobs Tip!

Mark down on a piece of paper all of the requirements of the job; i.e. well groomed, good with customers, able to work as part of a team, NVQ 3 qualification etc etc

Now next to those requirements write down example (s) in your working life where you have demonstrated those skills or earned that qualification. Where you perhaps don't have an example from your working life, utilise a bit of creative lateral thinking. Have you any experience in your social life or qually important transferable skill you could bring to the role?

We guarantee that at the end of this exercise you'll be amazed at how well you are equipped to do the job and at just how much you've achieved in your life. You might even end up having more than they need!

Prepare your questions in advance!

Don't embarass yourself by having no well thought questions of your own to ask. The interview is also about the employer offering a position that will suit your needs. In any case we would recomend you do have some questions to ask as it shows interest in the company.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Finally, have a practice run at home. If you feel silly practicing with someone else then practice on your own. Practice some of the 'body language' tips we've given you and also practice answering questions by using some of the examples you've worked on above.

By following our steps above we guarantee you'll feel more in control and confident during your interview. Go on make the effort, it will be worth it!


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