Essential Ingredients for a Successful Spa Operation

Do you fundamentally have the correct person inline to manage your operation and best represent it as if it were their own? Pride is the first and foremost ingredient that has to be held in the leader’s heart.

If you take great pride in your environment and the people you work with then it shines in the eyes of your clients. Clients are ultimately drawn back to any business by the people and the memories made during their visit to your Spa. If a client leaves completely and utterly satisfied with their experience they will return, fact!

It takes more than just you or your staff providing a wonderful experience though, that’s something they can go anywhere for. You have to create the ‘UNEXPECTED’…

What exactly is the unexpected?

That’s the extra golden mile you need to reach to ensure you provide your clients with the ‘Wow Factor’. Provide something they never expected? That could mean anything from a welcome gift, or a flower waiting with a welcome card, or their name printed and assigned personally to a locker ready for them?

There are endless ideas on how to deliver the ‘Magic Touch’ that simply leave your clients in awe of their experience.

Your team of professionals are given the opportunity numerous times throughout the day to simply make or break someone’s day and it’s up to you as a leader to ensure it’s done with class and style.

With today’s economy it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend a small fortune to make this happen, but get creative and look at what you can do to make the biggest impact possible that sets you aside from the rest of your competition, be it local or nationwide?


Any successful business relies upon one thing and one thing only to succeed, and that’s clients!  Each and every person that enters your Spa is worth its weight in gold for several reasons. First of all that one time visit should and could turn into a ‘Lifetime Visit’ and secondly they instantly become a voice for your business be it good or bad? They too have the potential to grow your business for you if treated correctly and I don’t just mean by being nice to them. Every client should be treated special, not just as a number or better known as your ‘Friday 10am regular’. 

Each and every one of us in the world like to be made to feel special and whenever we personally experience the wow factor you can bet your life we share it with friends and family; your clients are no different.

Never should a client be made to feel anything less than special, irrespective of how long you have serviced them for; it’s the oldies and the regulars that appreciate it the most believe it or not.

A lot of us tend to forget that it’s not just when the clients are in the Spa that counts, it’s the aftercare? How many of your staff go above and beyond to deliver the ‘Unexpected Call’ to check up on how the client is feeling a few days after their experience?

Probably not many of them!

Start educating your staff on the importance of client care. A lot of staff today are more concerned with reaching financial targets and goals than they are with the overall experience they provide, but we must bring home the bigger picture to them on a daily basis.

Generally, all staff that work with you or for you will tend to take great pride in themselves and will most certainly take it personally if a client isn’t happy with their experience, so really use their positive attributes when discussing this with them.

Allow them to share with you their ideas on how they would like to make their clients feel even more special than they already do and above all, provide staff recognition for any and all positive feedback given by clients.  It’s very important your staff hear the positive feedback and are recognized in front of their peers also.

You may want to consider rewarding such outstanding feedback to incentivize your team going forward; either way, make it known!

Believe it or not, clients do actually like to be a part of the recognition process, so you may actually want to consider getting them involved in a voting system: who they think the ‘Outstanding Team Member of the Month’, is etc.

Seeing that staff member receive recognition for their work allows them to feel proud that their Therapist or Stylist is being rewarded for always delivering above and beyond, even their own expectations. Before long they will no doubt share with their friends and family how good it made them feel to be a part of such a wonderful thing. Also it will most probably result in a new referral or ‘Lifetime Client’. 

So, you see it’s pretty simple. The ‘Essential ingredients of a successful Spa Operation’ lie in your hands. There really isn’t any magical formula to succeed but passion and the desire to succeed; that’s a winning start in anyone’s eyes.

It’s never too late to implement something like the above; as a leader or business owner it’s actually your way of giving back to your staff and clients by showing such great appreciation for them both. In return you will be fortunate enough to be considered part of the ‘Elite” group of successful ‘Spa Operators’.


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