Excel in Excellence as a First Class Therapist

Here are 3 easy steps to ensure you are a first class Therapist.  

Step One

The first step towards excellence starts with getting the basics covered. These are appearance, approachability, quality, consultations, customer care, prescriptions and aftercare.

Maintaining a well groomed appearance throughout the day is a must. No one will have confidence in a sloppy looking therapist. Just as your physical appearance is important so too is your spiritual one, so giving off happy upbeat vibes will pass on to those around you. This leads us to the second point of approachability. Smiling, eye contact and a confident manner will make clients feel at ease and they will feel comfortable to ask questions and approach you. 

Giving a good consultation will enable you to give a personalised experience to each client and add to client satisfaction and therefore repeat bookings. The quality of your work is a big one as your skill in performing treatments is the main reason for client patronisation. Asking ‘how they feel’ after a massage or ‘how do they look’ after a manicure will give the client a chance to verify their satisfaction or give them an opportunity change something they see as needing a bit more work. 

Customer care throughout the treatment will ensure their total relaxation so give attention to detail. Asking a couple of questions as you begin the treatment, such as: ‘Are you warm enough?’ ‘How is the pressure for you?’ ‘Would you like another pillow?’ Or ‘let me know if you want the touch firmer or lighter’ will make them feel comfortable to ask you for this if needed. 

On completion of the treatment follow through with prescriptions. Listing items used within the treatment and starring or highlighting products for their immediate concerns will demonstrate your knowledge of products, will confirm you’ve listened to their needs and continue the benefit of your work whilst they are home. 

Aftercare too is important. For example, stating ‘make sure you drink plenty of water after this wrap to flush out toxins’ or ‘don’t put your hands in water, in gloves or in pockets till after a good hour to prevent smudges’ will reduce any grievance or niggles with your services.

Step Two

Step two to becoming an excellent therapist is preparation. Go the extra mile to keep learning; gain employment with high achieving businesses and get as much experience as you can. Get to know the movers and shakers in the industry, enter competitions and attend exhibitions.

Preparation is essential for a smooth running day. Getting there early and getting together mitts, towels and getting your room warmed up before your first client comes is a good practise. Preparation and organisation will maintain your professional image with clients and management. Going the extra mile or exceeding expectations will set you apart from colleagues. Everyone wants to feel special and pampered and going above and beyond will ensure loyal and happy clients.

If it’s raining and a client comes in half-drenched offer to pop tops in dryer or on radiator so they redress in snug clothes. If they are staying at your hotel spa for a weekend recommend things to do: good restaurants, local events etc. Listen to them and if you can do something small to help with the stay or spa experience then all the better.

Keep learning. Once you have qualified and gained experience it is still recommended to continue developing skills and knowledge. You could attend advanced waxing, Reiki beginner weekend or hot stone massage with an independent beauty school for one day or even a week. There is also other training which will benefit therapists, ECDL for computer skills for example. As your beauty career develops you will find you are doing more administration and reception work so this qualification will help. Teaching, management or business courses will take longer but will be advantageous in the long run.

Gaining employment in high achieving spas and salons will give you a great opportunity to perfect your craft. Winning businesses of beauty and spa awards must be doing something right and getting into their way of working and professionalism will only add to yours. Having five star establishments on your CV will make you stand out for future employers. Gain as much experience as you can; this will give you more confidence. Just as spa work concentrates on massage, wraps and luxury treatments the salon will perfect your nail treatments, waxing and make up applications making you a strong all rounder. If you can take the chance to travel, gaining international spas on your CV will only add to your skills and will be a fantastic life experience.

Subscribing to magazines like professional beauty, European spa or the beauty guild magazine will keep you up-to-date with all beauty news. You will read about who is who in the therapy world and be informed of trade exhibitions, competitions and the like. The exhibitions in London and Manchester will feature all the professional product brands, new treatments and seminars where you can hear lectures from top achievers in the business.

If you wanted to you could enter the beauty competition run by Professional Beauty Magazine. I would recommend getting your company behind you so as to coach and support you in your entry. Prepare yourself for dedication and hard work but if nominated it will have all have been worthwhile. Even if you don’t succeed the first time, don’t give up and learn from the experience.

Step 3

You are only in competition with yourself, and having a positive can do attitude and enthusiasm will be as crucial as your techniques. Perfection comes with practise so don’t be hard on yourself if you have weak areas. Encourage clients to write down positive feedback in guest book, comment cards or trip advisor so your peers know your worth. 

And finally, remember you can’t please all the people all the time, so if you’ve had negative feedback learn from it and move on.

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