Experiences as a Beauty Therapist with Pamper by the Pool in Mallorca

Della is a beauty therapist and whilst we in Britain have been suffering from a miserable wet summer , Della has been able to look out on blue skies and warm, golden sands.

She works for Pamper by the Pool, a mobile massage and beauty business working out in Mallorca and speaks to Hair and Beauty Jobs about her experiences working abroad.

She even sent us some pics to make us all jealous. Thanks Della!

Hello, my name is Della and I am a beauty therapist for Pamper by the Pool working out in Mallorca. At present the company has a therapist in Corsica and another in Ibiza, 2007 being its first year of business.

How it all became:

After completing my Itec National Diploma in Anatomy Physiology and Massage in 2002 I decided to go on to do a Diploma in Beauty Specialist Techniques which I completed a year later. I have since worked in a number of beauty salons in the UK but never been completely happy.

In 2006 I was fed up with my life in the UK and wanted a complete change, a new challenge and something to focus on it is then I decided to apply for a job abroad. As it was July I had missed the boat to find summer work so I applied for jobs in the winter. It was here that I found a company called Snowline.

After a successful interview I got the job as a chalet host and flew out to a little village called La-Tania in the French Alps , it was here I met Anna (the owner of Pamper Off Piste).

I got to know some of the therapists who worked for Anna as they lived in the next village in Courchevel. They all loved working for the company some returning from last winter. I kept in contact with a lot of them after I finished my season in April 2007 which was brilliant because this is how I new that Pamper by the Pool had started up in the summer.

In June 2007 Anna contacted me to ask if I would like to work the season for her in Mallorca. I jumped at the chance and flew over in July.

If you enjoy client contact and want to spend time on treatments rather than rushing though them because your salon manager in London is breathing down you neck then working for Pamper is just the refreshing new change you need!

Pamper's mission statement is to provide high quality, individually tailored treatments to its clients and expects the best! Client care is paramount and providing excellent treatments to clients is the key to its success!

Luxury treatment times, beautiful products and relaxed surroundings is what we offer and in return you get amazing fulfilment from the clients feedback.

Working abroad is the best experience I have ever encountered! It has certainly made me mature and made more independent and above all enjoy my job as a beauty therapist even more than before! It's a great way to meet new and exciting people and to have fun!

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