Explaining Water Therapies and Heat Experiences

Heat Experiences

A heat treatment uses wet or dry heat. Heat treatments can:

  • Cleanse your skin by opening the pores and drawing out dirt and toxins.
  • Stimulate your circulation, boosting your immune system and encouraging your body to heal itself of infections and scarring.
  • Remove calcium deposits from the blood vessel and so to break down scar tissue.
  • Help shift a cold, opening your airways and helping you breathe more easily, and relieving headaches and sinus problems
  • Ease rheumatic and muscular pain, as the heat warms and soothes the muscles and encourages better mobility in your joints.
  • Relax you, as stress and tension melt away.

Floatation Tanks

Experts claim that ½ hour in a floatation tank is equivalent to 8 hours sleep. The temperature of the water mimics that of the body which is naturally supported by a saline solution. The feeling of suspension is designed to send you into limbo and leads to a deep feeling of inner relaxation.


A hammam can be either one tiled steam room or a suite of steam rooms and pools for communal use. In UK spa terms, 'hammam' usually describes a single room, with central water taps, and recessed bench seats. They are often referred to as 'chambers' (serail mud chamber, for example). Don't be too alarmed, they are more like exotic, luxurious grottos!


Balinese people believe there is a flourish of chi (energy) at the junctions between 2 rivers, that is why 'moving' water becomes a vital element in a spa environment.

High pressure water jets at certain body areas work on lymph drainage to eliminate cellulite and smooth skin tissue.

Ice Fountain

Handfuls of ice flakes rubbed into the body stimulates circulation, the lymphatic and immune systems and is a great stress reliever.

Marine Ingredients used within a Rasul

Slimming, purification and detoxification.

Reflexology Footbaths

A relaxing, effervescent footbath, with heated seats. Bubbles massage the feet and ankles and stimulate pressure points.

Salt Scrub

The benefit of sea salt is based on the premise that sea-water has practically the same chemical make up as human plasma, allowing the body to easily absorb its healing properties.


The ancient Greeks and Romans knew and used the therapeutic effects of perspiration, although the modern practice of savouring a Sauna in a log cabin, at high temperatures and low humidity, originated in Finland...and what a delight it is!


If you find a classic sauna too hot or dry, the Sanarium® offers the ideal alternative. A temperature of 60oC and a controlled humidity of not more than 55%, create a particularly gentle and temperate climate in which to relax and feel good.

Relaxing in the Sanarium® is the ideal way to recharge your batteries. The unique blend of delicious heat followed by a stimulating shower boosts the body's natural defences and promotes the circulation, shifting your entire metabolism up a gear!


A serail is a small tiled Arabian-style tiled steam room, often used for mud treatments. Different kinds of cleansing muds are applied, one each for face, scalp and body. Covered in mud you take a seat in the steam room and the combination of heat and mud deep-cleanses your skin and soothes your deepest muscles.

After about 15 minutes, just as the mud starts to slip and melt over your body, you have a cool shower to rinse it away.

A truly sensual and deep relaxing experience.

Steam Rooms with Essential Oils

In oriental philosophy breath is synonymous with 'inspiration' from the gods'. While normal breathing supposedly eliminates 1/3 toxins from our bodies, inhaling essential oils does more, stimulating the respiratory and nervous systems.


'Warm Room' the Tepidarium is the ideal temperature to give a feeling of wellbeing. The dry air can help to enhance the body's immune defenses as well as relieving stress.


From the Greek word for 'sea', thalassotherapy refers to a variety of treatments that use seawater and seaweed, each designed to benefit you mind, body and skin in different ways. Other marine and ocean derivatives feature in talassotherapy too, including algae, mud and sand. Mud baths, underwater jets, hydro massage, aromatherapy and seaweed, mud and algae wraps all aim to restore your body to a state of serenity for a mermaid!


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