Eye-Tec Offers a New Career for Hairdressers

Her career resume makes for an incredibly interesting read as Sue seems to have worked all over the world, spending time in New York, Malta and even learning Italian when she worked as Head of Training with Lady in White (training school) in Italy.

In 1997 she went it alone and set up 'The Untouchables' to service the London Fashion Week shows with the first catwalk for nails in the UK'

Since then Sue has never looked back, building a high media profile and excellent reputation with celebrities and international designers and models.

But having revolutionised the world of nails, Sue was ready for another challenge. This time she is set to revolutionise the eyelash sector.

Hair and Beauty Jobs spoke to Sue about her latest creation and the exciting opportunities it opens up to people in the Hair and Beauty Industry.

Q. What is Eye-tec?

Eye-tec provides a new a revolutionary treatment of lash extensions and eye enhancements without surgery.

An Instant transformation from ordinary to extraordinary, the process elimates the application of mascara, alleviates the eye area from the day-to-day wear and tear of eye products, and can take years off the appearance of tired eyes.

This treatment is for both men and women, and carried out solely by professionally trained and qualified Eye-tec consultants

Q. What was the inspiration behind creating Eye-tec?

It was whilst working on Oxford Road, London that I first drew inspiration for creating Eye-tec.

I she saw a Jinny Lash advertisement for eye lash enhancements. I am a big fan of Jinny lashes but what struck me was how plain the set of lashes were. There was nothing colourful going on.

Having been immersed for so many years in the colourful world of nails, I guess I saw a gap in the eyelash enhancement sector for some colourful creativity.

Q. Is it in your nature to push boundaries and be inventive?

Yes, I guess so

When I was 16 I studied hairdressing for two years and it's partially down to my earlier training as a hairdresser and my natural creative tendencies that I can see and seize upon creative opportunities.

I look upon myself as a designer of miniature things. I love transforming the small things that most people ignore into something beautiful.

Q. How long did it take you to set up the company?

Unbelievably it only took me a year from original concept to delivering the first Eye-tec treatment.

That year involved a lot of painstaking hard work. I spent hours and hours researching current eyelash treatments not only in the UK but also internationally, throughout Asia and beyond. It was whilst researching methods employed in Asia that I gained most of my inspiration.

And of course I also within that time had to write a Diploma course for future students to go on.

The eyelash and eyebrow treatments diploma course has been accredited by the Beauty Therapy Guild and awarded 280 professional points which is very good.

Q. Having set up the business what advice can you pass on for anyone wanting to start their own business?

It's incredibly hard work. But if you believe in something as much as I did then it doesn't take that much more to push yourself. You go through lots of ups and downs but it's worth it in the end.

Q. What is the ethos behind Eye-tec?

The ethos behind Eye-tec is to make both men and women feel younger, more beautiful and gorgeous.

Q. Who are your customers?

I get both men, women and a lot of celebrities.

Q. How are you managing to attract men?

It's word of mouth really, they talk to their wives who've had the treatment and have a go themselves.

I think men are starting to take a lot more care of themselves, after all you don't have to be gay to be gorgeous... you can quote me on that!

Q. Can someone train to be an Eye-technician?

Absolutely, Eye-tec has filled a big gap in the market and has opened up a whole new career for people. No one else out there at the moment is making a career out of this.

To become an Eye Technician you don't have to come from any particular background. In fact it's difficult to categorise as you could argue it's more akin to hairdressing, dealing with hair albeit lashes, than beauty.

Really above all I look for personality, someone that takes care of themselves, is presentable, has a steady hand and answers questions spontaneously. Age is irrelevant.

Q. What are your aspirations for the future?

I have two wishes for the future.

One is improve on what is currently available on the market for people who have lost eyebrow or lash hair through cancer treatment or alopecia.

And the other would be to have Eye-tec as a recognisable brand and present in every major town throughout the UK, Europe and the rest.


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