Eyelash Extension Specialist

Job Description (What the job involves)

We have many titles:  Lash Tech, Lashologist, Lash Extensionist, Expert Lasher, but we all do the same thing, we are experts in applying SEMI PERMANENT INDIVIDUAL EYELASH EXTENSIONS.   Applying one synthetic fiber eyelash to the natural eyelash, one at a time.

Synthetic lashes come in various curvatures, weights and lengths, and if correctly applied by the lash tech and maintained by the client can last up to 3 weeks before infills are required to keep the look.  There is no need for mascara (hurrah), you can choose from a natural look, glamorous look or just a few lashes on the outer corners. They come in various colours and are waterproof, durable and look sensational transforming the eyes making them look bigger and more dramatic.  Every ones lashes are different, some are short, long, thick, thin, curly or straight and lashes vary depending on culture too, so a good lash tech needs to know her stuff.

Upsides and Downsides

There are positive and negative aspects to this business. There are no entry requirements, but you have to have patience, if you don’t – don’t waste your money!  You also need a steady hand and good eyesight, plus excellent people skills.  Also, as you are sitting in the same position for long periods of time, this can result in back and shoulder pain.  A shoulder support strap can help. A full set of lashes costs approximately £3.50 in stock costs, remember it’s your time and expertise you are charging for and the best lash technicians are solidly booked. Every time your client leaves your salon she is your walking talking advertisement of your skills, if she isn’t happy she will tell everyone, so always be the best you can be.  Lovely lashes are addictive and you want her coming back time and time again.

Entry Requirements

It is comparatively cheap to train as a Lash Tech, but training with a reputable company is paramount.  There are a lot of companies out there offering training for less than £100 and you get what you pay for!!! The average price for quality training is around £400 to £800, so it’s worth saving for.

If you want to train as a Lash Tech, do your research, read reviews get feedback from other students. Check the training company is accredited by a recognized body such as The Guild of Beauty Therapists, BABTAC or VTCT. If your certificate isn’t accredited you won’t get Public Liability Insurance which you need to protect yourself and your client.  Most companies will train you within 1 or 2 days, and this should be followed by case studies, and these are important to guide you as your are developing your skills and you need practice to become the best.  Also, make sure the training company’s course includes patch testing. When you are looking for a course it is also wise to check it comes with a good quality kit.  This kit should contain everything you need to start lashing and should contain enough lashes to lash at least 30 clients.

There are good lash techs and bad ones out there and the bottom line comes down to the training.  You cannot learn this business properly and qualify in one day; courses that offer this are to be avoided. Some companies claim that patch testing isn’t necessary, as the glue does not touch the skin. You are working with people’s eyes and the health and safety rules are there for a reason. You must patch test the glue on the lashes, not behind the ear, wrist or temple as some companies teach!  This is extremely important, as the fumes of the glue are the irritant and can cause the eyes to redden, water or worse.  Patch testing is easily performed by applying 3 lashes on the outer corner of each eye, 48 hours before the full set.  If the client has no allergic reaction you know its safe to perform the procedure.  Patch testing only has to be done once unless you change your glue or the client has an eye infection that might cause her sensitivity to change and a re test is necessary.  It is much easier and safer to remove 6 lashes than 180 if there is an adverse reaction. It takes time to become an expert at lashing, it’s easy to learn but it takes practice to build speed and confidence.  Lashes extensions should never be glued to more than one lash or this will inhibit lash growth and cause pain. They must be applied 2mm away from the eyelid as they are blunt at the ends and can scratch the lid, and you should not see any clumps of glue on the lashes.

Ask yourself this question: How many times have you gone into a salon for a treatment and asked to see the therapists certificate in the treatment she is about to perform on you?  Probably never, you automatically TRUST that she is qualified, but is she?  There are a lot of techs out there who have been taught but never qualified, or who have learnt how to apply them on YouTube, or “in house”!!! There are health and safety aspects to applying lashes and they have to be followed, there are no corners to cut.  Every time you go into a salon ask to see the therapists certificate – she should be proud to show it to you!  If not, I know what I’d do.  If she isn’t qualified, she isn’t insured!

My bugbear!  This is a specialist area and the adhesives we use are a medical grade glue and these adhesives are based on cynoacrylates, and this means that it has been tested and has no toxic effects, however it is very strong (similar to super glue) with a high fume content, and it is not water soluble. I get quite cross when I see cluster lashes applied with our glue that should only be used for individual semi permanent lash extensions period! Cluster lashes should be applied in my opinion with a strip lash glue which will last 3-5 days but not inhibit lash growth.  Some girls are applying cluster lashes with the wrong glue and just dropping the clusters on top of the client’s lashes, sticking the cluster to several natural lashes.  The only way to remove them is with an adhesive remover.  Most clients don’t want to pay to have the cluster lashes removed so they pull them off instead, damaging their natural lashes.  Cluster lashes are not Lash Extensions! Each lash has its own growth cycle and this takes approx. 90 days from new growth to the lash naturally shedding, if this cycle is broken or a lash is pulled out before it detaches from the root then it might be 60 to 90 days before it re grows again, resulting in patchy or gaps in the lashes.

Industry Outlook

I am so passionate about lash extensions and correct and safe training but I feel this beauty treatment should be more regulated in the industry, and all training companies should follow the same procedures when it comes to training and patch testing then all students will be trained one way – THE CORRECT WAY!


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Christine Jacquemin
Lash Educator and Assessor
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Potential Salary and Benefits

Once you are qualified you can charge anything between, £50.00 to £200.00 for a full set, depending on your client base and area, obviously you would pay more in London than further north.  Someone is doing the celebrities, why can’t it be you! Price yourself properly, you are an expert at what you do, don’t work for minimum wage as sadly some lash techs believe keeping it cheap they get more clients – quality is better than quantity. You can work from home and around your family or it may be a skill you want to add to your beauty portfolio and work within a salon environment.  You will need a beauty couch, height adjustable stool and a good magnifying lamp, plus your kit of course.  Patch testing is necessary to ensure the client isn’t allergic to the fumes of the glue (respect this and it will keep you safe) it takes 2 hours to do a full set of lashes, and your client should rebook within 3 weeks for infills. There are plenty of opportunities out there for good lash techs.

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