F3 a Daily Face Lift for your Feet

Published on: 3 Mar 2016

F3 truly is a great daily face lift for your feet. With a specially-designed container that dispenses cool foam to refresh the feet immediately! The Unique formula with menthol and dimethicone quickly changes from a liquid and dries to a microscopic powder.

With all it's aromatherapy ingredients, anti-perspirant protection, anti-swelling ingredients and instant low-temperature cooling, it is a lovely treat for those very important feet!

Amazing Experience

All you need to do is dispense about half a golf ball's size of foam into your hand, then rub together for a couple of seconds and apply to your feet. All over, underneath, between your toes, around your heel and then sit back!

Allow the aromatherapeutic bubbles to tingle and massage, with a long-lasting pleasant smell. The softening hydrating ingredients including triclosan and castor oil, nourish and moisturise the feet.

Great Benefits of F3

Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial

Disinfection and anti-bacterial security against athlete's foot and other infections. It is applied like a mousse and is easy to rub under the feet. A rather essential area, but usually difficult to apply to, therefore protect!


It is primarily a moisturiser. So it softens dry skin, calluses and corns. Ingredients include castor oil and aromatherapy oils to help moisturise and fragrance.

Instantly Dries

Dries to a second skin that wicks moisture in and out. Helps keep feet dry, in turn, helping protect shoes. Doesn't leave any powdery residues!

[F3 feet] Snaps, crackles and pops

The tingling massages, revitalises and wakens feet up. The instant cooling from the menthol and the aromatherapy oils and fragrances that last for hours, give your feet and shoes a far more pleasant appeal!

So if you currently treat your feet for moisture, dry/hard skin, protection against athletes foot etc then why not do all in the same treatment!