Finding your First Beauty Job!

So you are looking for your first beauty therapist job. I know what it's like, sat at the computer, typing into the search engines "Beauty Jobs". A whole list of recruitment agencies come up, which one do you click onto? You choose the job search link, type in keyword 'Beauty', which location you prefer and click go.

You then get a list of jobs which you think are out of your league e.g. spa managers, Senior Therapists etc. After searching page after page, you think you have found something in the local area, sounds just the thing for you until you read that they require a Senior Beauty Therapist with at least two years experience, trained in Brazilian waxing and Acrylic Nails.

What an earth are you supposed to do to get into the industry you have just been trained in (for at least 2 years) and with so much potential to build on all the basics you learn at college?

Here I have devised a few steps to take which I personally found helpful when I needed my First job within the industry.

Firstly, don't give up hope, you will find a job that will give you the opportunity to shine in you chosen career.

Make your CV stand out from the other college leavers! What have you achieved personally in your training? Have you any comments about either practical or academic work you have done? Even any other certificates and basic training can show that you are eager to learn new skills. Click here for additional assistance on creating a sparkling CV.

A covering letter is what an employer will see first so try and grab their attention by selling yourself with short snappy sentences informing them why you are the ideal candidate for the position advertised. Click here for additional assistance in writing a good cover letter

Now after having your CV and covering letter (most employers will require a photo, having one or two handy might be an idea), start applying for those jobs you see advertised. There is no harm in applying for a job, it shows you're keen and eager to work within an industry which you are passionate about.

Look at Health Spas and larger establishments, as these are most likely to employ newly qualified Therapists. It is important to keep at the job hunting, remember there is no problem in trying

Keep practising your skills on family and friends; this will help keeping your techniques flowing and confidence building¦preparing you for any trade tests you will have to do for interviews you attend.

You have now been invited to your first interview; you need to prepare yourself as this can be quite a daunting time for anyone. Click here for advice on performing well in your trade test and at interview.

A few tips to remember, although they are interviewing you for a job, you have to interview them to ensure that they are good enough for you too. Look at how you are treated, if you see any other therapists or staff; ask what its like to work for them, look at the environment you will potentially be working in, and the general atmosphere of the workplace.

Even if you don't like the look of things and this may not be the thing for you, take the interview as good practise, as you now can build on your confidence meeting new and potential employers. Or if everything went as well as possible and its want you want, now is the time to sit tight and wait for the outcome. In this time, don't literally sit around waiting; keep on searching for jobs, as not all applicants are successful.

Success! another newly qualified Beauty Therapist now working full time within the beauty industry, gaining experience and knowledge well on her way to having a successful career.

I know it seems simple as that, but it can be, keep your mind to and you will achieve and succeed. I always think that 'Anything worth having is worth working hard for'.

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