Francis Hayter, Operations Director for Re Aqua and Dove Spa

Over the last 18 months Francis has been part of an enormous change within the industry. Dove Spa saw the unique union of re-aqua, the largest chain of beauty salons in the UK, and Dove (part of the Unilever Group), a worldwide brand renowned for their integrity and love of real women.

As Operations Director, Francis had to ensure the smooth transition of combining re-aqua within Dove, re aqua bringing the skill and knowledge of 300 therapists, while Dove Research and Development brings over 40 years of experience using the very best ingredients and formulations from over 300 scientists across the world - benefiting from an international understanding of skin and skin types.

At Dove Spa, the philosophy is simple we want to celebrate the beauty of real women, and do everything we can to help them feel and look great; a big task for anyone! Hair and Beauty Jobs spoke to Francis about this huge undertaking.

Q. Dedicated to the cause; what has made you stay in the Beauty Industry for the last 20 something years?

It's a fantastic industry to work in as it never stops evolving; it is constantly developing, introducing new innovations and moving forward and because of that no 2 years have been the same.

In some industries it's rare to be really passionate about the product you operate or sell; within our industry you'd be classified as a fraud if you weren't passionate!

Q. You have worked for several different organizations, what is it like to be part of such a huge international organization such as Unilever?

Actually, it's really cool and if I take a minute to tell you what I feel encompasses Dove Spa, it becomes slightly more explanatory.

At Dove Spa, our philosophy is simple we want to celebrate the beauty of real women, and do everything we can to help them feel and look great.

We are proud to be pioneers and are determined to be trusted leaders in the beauty industry; being part of an organization such as Unilever, we are able to make real investments in our people and our products and therefore I believe we can make this real difference.

Q. What gives your company the ability to achieve such a powerful statement?

First and foremost, the quality of our team of people. As a team, we have the attributes and criteria that would match what we strive to achieve; passion, a positive attitude to work, the want and will to educate people, expertise in the task that needs to be achieved and the knowledge of many; all combined into one powerful force driving forward.

With regard to our guests, we use scientific analysis to check the real condition of the skin. It allows us to diagnose the skin type for appropriate treatments and products. Our comprehensive skin diagnostic session will get up close and personal and really try to understand the guests skins ups and downs and then really tailor make a treatment that suits.

How do we do this? We start by having a chat and finding out about their lifestyle. After that, we'll look at the skin with our Multi Dermascope, a fantastic device initially developed for dermatologists for skin research, it gives us a really thorough look at the skin and give accurate advice.

Q. Can you describe your current clients?

We want women to understand and really believe that, 'there is a bit of fabulous in everyone'! We will help them discover that we are all about delivering beauty to real women¦.it's ok to grow old gracefully!

Q. Training must feature heavily within your operations; can you let me into some of your secrets?

Training does feature heavily but we believe you should train people so well that they are desirable to anyone but treat them so well that they never want to leave us. It's all about nurturing personalities, having real values and delivering real service to the team and guests a like.

For our Management Teams, we offer modular training now on various topics; leadership, business planning, understanding the P&L, how to coach, retail workshops. At Re Aqua and Dove Spa we empower our staff.

Q. So what does 2008 hold for you?

  • The continuation of a positive attraction strategy to enhance our team as it grows. We want to be recognized as an 'Employer of Choice'.
  • International Expansion; we currently have 15 sites in Spain, 2 in Mexico and we open in Canada in July.
  •  We will continue to invest money in product development and discover and deliver new innovations across the wellness sector.
  • The involvement of Dove Spa within the Campaign for real beauty which supports the Self Esteem fund .Too many girls develop low self esteem from hang ups about looks and fail to reach their potential in later life.

Q. Would you like to give us some words of wisdom?

Live life to the full, take risks occasionally and only do something you feel passionately about and do it to the best of your ability.

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