Get a Beautiful all over Self Tan

Starting with the basics
Beautiful all over self tanning

Step 1.

Exfoliating is very important as this sloughs away the dead skin cells that make our skin feel dry and rough to the touch.
Exfoliate at least twice a week and you will see an improvement in your skin's appearance as the old skin is sloughed away and the new skin regenerates.

Try using a natural inexpensive body scrub, one that you can make up yourself, using sweet almond oil or any massage base oil suitable for your skin. Add sea salt, the perfect combination for a natural all over body scrub. Both can be purchased at your nearest health store.

Apply in gentle circular motions then shower off. Your skin will feel perfect on the first application. Cleanse and exfoliate your face and neck.
Alternative! purchase a dry body brush and use in the same way before you shower.

Step 2.

Apply moisturiser to the knee's, elbows, heels, toes, nails and eyebrows. This helps to prevent the self tan developing stronger on the drier area's of your body and alos prevents the tan developing on the eyebrows and nails.

Step 3.

Applying spray tan is one the easiest forms of self tan out there. Begin with your legs and gently massage the tan covering all area's then you know that you won't have missed anything, next spray the tummy and back. If you have difficulty ask someone to massage the tan into your back, then apply to your arms and chest.

Rather than spray on your face, spray into the palm of your hands and massage gently all over trying to avoid the eyebrows and hairline but not forgetting the ears.

Step 4.

Using a cotton bud remove the moisturiser from your eyebrows, using a cotton pad. Remove any access moisture from your knee's, elbow's and nails. Wear loose dark clothing whilst your tan is developing. After the development time rinse off in the shower and you will have the perfect holiday look before your holiday.

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