Give us a Break!

Firstly, most colleges run a clinic to paying members of the public, this is a brilliant addition to your C.V. Make sure that it is highlighted on your C.V. and definitely on your covering letter. Dependant on your college course depends on how much experience you have but I know mine was over the two year stretch, so that's the first thing we can highlight as experience.

Secondly, why not have something set up from home (make sure that you have insurance though that covers you, this isn't as expensive as you think), invite all your friends over for a girly night, charge them a fiver each and carry out mini treatments on them!

This is fun plus it means that you will have to work to a tight schedule to fit all the treatments in. This could be classed as experience because you are carrying out treatments to a time schedule. If you do one party a week, this could work out as a nice bit of pocket money!

Also another way to help secure at least an interview is to ring up the person in charge of recruitment, explain your situation, be confident on the phone, inform them how hard you have been trying to gain experience, you never know they may respect this and be willing to give you an interview, where you can really take matters into your own hands and wow them with your knowledge!

Employers are not stupid (even if they seem it sometimes!) they have probably been in our situation before, it is just getting them to meet with you for an interview of some sort, then it really is down to you.

But keep looking, don't be dishearted if you get a few rejections, that unfortunately is life. But you can take positives from rejection, every application you fill out, every interview you attend is good practice, and just remember not to take it personally becuase chances are something better is always around the corner.

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