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Published on: 12 Sep 2017

If you are a woman, then you would always want healthy and lustrous hair that would make you more confident and beautiful. So do I!! Being a woman, I feel honoured if someone appreciates my hair.

If it were a few years back, then women had to wait several years for their hair to grow to have lovely, voluptuous locks. But for this, they needed to invest time and money in their hair products.

Even after this, there was no guarantee that they would get the quantity along with volume. The synthetic products that were being used previously had some chemical constituents that were harmful to the hair and the scalp. So came the invention of the Hair Extension.

What is Hair Extension?

Hair Extension is basically a kind of false hair that is created artificially and attached to your actual hair. This is done to provide extra length to your existing hair or add volume to your thinning hair.

Additionally, there are many hair extensions available in the market in a variety of colours, eg. Burgundy, Blonde, and many more. The hair extensions used are beneficial for your hair, without damaging your hair strands with harsh synthesized materials.

Categories of Hair Extensions

Broadly, the hair extensions are categorized into two - synthetic and human hair. The man made or the synthetic ones are made from artificial materials like nylon.

The main disadvantage of these is that they cannot be coloured or styled easily. The other disadvantage that these hair extensions have is that they get tangled easily. Also, it is not durable and gets frizzy very fast when exposed to excess water and heat. On the greener side, synthetic hair is very cheap.

However, this is not the case with the man-made hair. The man-made hair can be blow dried and coloured as you would with your own hair. But what’s more special about the human hair extension is that the hair cuticles face the same way.

The human hair extensions come in different types, textures, and colours, be it Indian hair, Chinese hair, Virgin hair or any other such kind of extensions. You can buy all these hair extensions at the wholesale hair extension. Let us have a look at the different types of the human hair extensions below.

Virgin Hair

As the name implies, Virgin Hair is a kind of human hair which is naturally made and is not being processed chemically and synthetically. The Virgin Hair is so made that it can be coloured, curled, twisted, straightened, or even blow dried according to your desired requirements.

Chinese Hair

When you examine the Chinese Hair, then you will have noticed that the hair they posses is of good quality along with being thick and coarse. It therefore needs to be chemically processed so that it gains the Caucasian look and feel.

After you are done with the chemical treatment, the Chinese hair becomes dull and has to be coated with a layer of silicone to make it look more appealing. However, if you wash it a few times, it becomes dull again.

Chinese Hair is not durable, but on the other hand Chinese Hair is very affordable compared to other types.

Indian & Russian Hair

As compared to Caucasian hair, the Indian hair texture is relatively more shiny and healthy. It comes in all textures, including fine, thick, and medium. The Russian hair extensions are typically soft and fine and is considered to be of high quality as well.

Wrapping Up

The use of the human hair extensions is becoming an increasingly common trend nowadays. Although good quality human hair is pretty expensive, it can be seen as an investment that can be used for several years. So try using the human hair extensions and see the change for yourself.


Author Bio:

The author, Krima Flint is a hair and beauty expert who is a guest author at other blogging websites and also at Dealslands. She has also worked with the A-Lists experts in the town. Whenever you are facing any hair problems, then she is one who should be topping your list. The untangled truth that she will deliver will make heads turn for you.


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