Hair and Beauty Jobs Talks to IDI Postgraduate Diploma Holders

Hair and Beauty Jobs relays the experience of a recipient of the diploma, Danielle Cooper, a beauty therapist who works at a clinic in Canterbury.

Name: Danielle Cooper

Position: Beauty Therapist

Business Name and Address: Spring Gardens Clinic, Simmonds Road, Canterbury, Kent.

Qualification: IDI Postgraduate Diploma

Q. What made you choose The International Dermal Institute (IDI) as the provider of postgraduate education?

I believe IDI has the best education in skincare.
What has been the response from colleagues and clients to your achievement?

They have all been very impressed by it, as it shows my commitment to skincare.

Q. To what extent has this set you apart from your competitors?

I don't think our competitors have this achievement, and I think clients really see how committed you are to helping them.

Q. Of all the classes, which has been of most benefit to you and why?

I have loved all of the classes. I have learnt so much from each class, and will continue to book more!

Q. Why is continued education important for professional skin therapists?

It is important because clients are becoming more sophisticated about skin and products, so we need to make sure that they are educated correctly.

Q. Which one piece of knowledge, acquired at IDI, will you carry with you always?

That education is vital and continued throughout our careers, and to be the best skincare therapists we can be.

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