Hair Salon Manager

Published on: 14 Apr 2016

Job Description (What the job involves)

The role of a hair salon manager can be wonderfully varied and fun if in a creative, busy environment full of hard working and enthusiastic stylists that love what they do. As well as ensuring the smooth and commercially successful runnng of your salon you'll probably also be hands on with your own column to run and a whole team of salon staff to oversee. Typical duties of a hair salon manager are as follows:

  • Manage, motivate and lead by example a team of stylists, juniors and front of house salon staff. This can be one of the most challenging aspects of the job as you're dealing with lots of different personalities. Expect to be fully involved in the hiring and selection of new salon staff members. You'll also need to ensure all staff have received the necessary training to carry out their jobs well and to be equipped to recognise when somone is not fulfilling their duties and to resolve this effectively with them
  • Oversee the smooth running of the salon. From accurate booking of hair appointments through to ordering of stock and payment of salon staff wages you're ultimately responsible for ensuring procedures are in place to make sure the salon operation runs well
  • Selection and monitoring of hair product stock. One of your key decisions as salon manager will be what hair products to stock in your salon. There are so many product lines to choose from that this can be a daunting task! In reaching a decision you may have to attend trade shows, check out competitor lines, read product reviews and sit in on live demos from sales reps. Once your product lines have been selected you'll be responsible for ordering in stock, showcasing it to good effect within the salon and monitoring stock levels.
  • Responsible for the salon's overall commercial success. You'll likely be working to set salon revenue targets with regards to retail product sales, hair treatment sales and growing your client database. It will be down to you to come up with initiatives and engage the team to achieving the salon's set targets. Of course it's not all about the turnover; you'll also be expected to control salon costs and ensure they don't get out of control.
  • Create a benchmark for good customer service levels and ensure that all the hairdressing team are fully engaged in serving the customer whether it be in offering complimentary refreshments to being engaging, welcoming and ensuring their experience is a positive one
  • Dealing with customer feedback. As manager it will be your responsibility to listen to customer feedback and deal effectively with any customer complaints or issues

Some salon managers will also be required to run their own column or at the very least be able to cover if short staffed.


Hours and Working Environment

Running a hair salon is a full time occupation! Most hair salons are open 6 days per week, including a Saturday and increasingly these days can also be open in the evenings. As such you'll be expected to have  a certain willingness to work flexible hours.

Skills and Personal Qualities

Salon Managers should display the following skills

  • Excellent team leadership skills. You'll likely be heading up a team of creative, colourful, lively stylists and it will be your responsibility to motivate, mentor and set a good example!
  • Level headed. Busy salons can be high pressure environments to work in and to manage effectively you need to be someone of level temperament that won't buckle under the pressure
  • Skilled as a stylist with up to-date experience and knowledge of the hairdressing industry. It's critical salon managers know well each job within the salon and to understand when somone is not doing their job well.
  • Superb people skills
  • A sincere belief and focus on giving excellent customer care
  • High degree of personal organisation

Entry Requirements

There are usually  no formal requirements to have certificates in salon management or similar but most salons will require that managers have prior experience working as a stylist. More than that they'll expect you to have excellent knowledge of the hairdressing industry and up to-date hairdressing skillset. You'll be expected to be qualified to a minimum of NVQ level 2. Of course NVQ level 3 in hairdressing will be preferred.

Many stylists will work their way up the hierarchy of a hair salon to become a manager often working as a deputy salon manager or  salon supervisor before being promoted to salon manager. If applying for a salon management role outside of your salon expect to be asked for a minimum  1 year's supervisory or managerial experience.

Potential Salary and Benefits

As a hair salon manager, your salary is likely to be determined by the size of the salon you're managing, its location together with your background experience as a manager.

As a rough guide you can expect a basic salary to run from £25,000 per annum together with bonuses in some cases for achievement of set salon revenue targets. Top level basic salaries tend to be around the £35,000 mark with possibly more acheiveble in certain high end, fashionable London salons. 
If you continue to run your own hair column then you can expect commission as per the norm for stylists in your salon.

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