Hair Today Gone Tomorrow: The Truth About Waxing

Non-surgical cosmetic clinic SkinGenesis, who offer IPL as a luxury alternative to more traditional forms of hair removal, has conducted the research into women's hair removal habits.

With many busy women opting for salon treatments, rather than cheaper over-the-counter methods, the costs of remaining sleek all year round can certainly mount up. Media pressure on women to be hair free means the battle against their unwanted hair can mean a lifetime of waxing and salon treatments.

SkinGenesis estimate that the average women will visit salons over 350 times during the course of their lives, spending up to 180 hours having their unwanted hair removed.

However, in comparison to the huge costs of regular salon visits, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) offers a longer term alternative which provides women with freedom from waxing. To remove all unwanted body hair with a 6 month treatment plan, SkinGenesis estimate the cost would be somewhere in the region of £3000-£4000.

Peter Beard, Director of SkinGenesis says "Many women aren't aware of the alternatives to waxing and so visit salons on a monthly basis, causing a great deal of pain to both their body and their bank balances! With IPL, in 6 months you can be virtually hair free and never have to worry about showing off your skin in the summer months."

IPL uses filtered intense light to destroy each hair at the follicle, and the treatment is less painful than waxing. The procedure is repeated 6-8 times at 6-weekly intervals, and when completed should leave the skin hair free. SkinGenesis use the most advanced IPL system available for maximum effect, and all of their clinics are registered with the Healthcare Commission and are staffed by a team of friendly and professional therapists.

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