Hairdressers and Dentists

Walking into a salon is challenging for the best of us. Usually there are 2 or 3 people sat around the reception area, so as you push the door open and enter, all eyes are on you.......

Not really knowing who you should be speaking to, you speak to all, sometimes without getting a single smile in return. When I get nervous I try to act funny which is even worse as they look at you as if you have completely lost the plot.

Come on people everyone wants new business, a smile is Free, encourage us mere nervous mortals to return to your salon or even enter.

You then make your way to the basin where every salon suffers a water problem, or does that only happen to me!!!?

Hot, cold and then freezing... ARGH!!!!

You are then taken to the area where you will be having your hair tended to. For the life of me I can't believe that they can't make mirrors that lie.. who cares that they lie just so that you can sit there for the next hour or so and not mind looking at yourself.

It seems that since you arrived you have a few more wrinkles and are continually pushing your bags back in their sockets..

And to finish you off .... yes here comes the hairdresser, comb in one hand and scissors in the other, it takes all my concentration not to get up and RUN....

Why do we think hairdressers are on a par with going to the dentist?????

© Teresa Snowball member

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