Hairdressers Should Book Early for Plain Sailing to Oz

David Roberts, Client Services Manager at Four Corners Emigration explains:

"Whilst the policy changes are potentially good news for many people, others may still lose out. From 01 September 2007, the number of points awarded for proficiency in English for British nationals will be reduced by 5 points. Opt to sit the English test and you could secure a compensating 10 points which is great news for borderline cases, especially those who just missed out on reaching the points total because of their age for example.

My advice to these people, however is to act quickly, especially if they have an imminent 'critical' birthday. The Universities and test centres that run the English tests are consistently busy with foreign students anxious to take the English test to prove they are able to study here in the UK. This is causing a potential waiting list of a few months at test centres which in some cases is a delay that could mean make or break".

Four Corners believe that it is now more important than ever to seek professional guidance to increase your chances of securing a visa quickly. Expert advisors can assist you swiftly through the initial paper screening process and give guidance about where best to take your English test. Some of Four Corners employees have already taken the English test in order to provide first hand experience of what the migrant is expected to face.

The new legislation includes a raft of other changes to get to grips with, including the introduction of a practical skills test for some trades. David Roberts continues;

"It's clear that the Australian government are trying to encourage Brits to go there however, the process can seem very daunting at first. I would urge people not to be put off. Talk to someone who really understands every aspect of the process at the outset and you will save valuable time and money in the long term".

Four Corners Emigration, now in its tenth year of operation, assists people with migration and help into employment in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

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