Hairdressing as a Career

In today's world everyone wants to look beautiful, everyone wants to get compliments from their friends and it's a well known fact that when you look good you feel good and then you work better. In today's modern world people are most sophisticated, more educated and more fashion conscious whether male or female.

Popularity of hairdressing

The hairdressing industry is a huge growth area all over the world. As with clothes, hair styles change with fashion and with more & more people taking an interest in the way they look, the hairdressing industry will be as popular as ever for a long time to come. People are now realizing that it's not their clothes, shoes, jewellery which describes them it is also their hair, this is the reason they are getting more experimental and are open to change. The result? You can see on the streets women are going for their own individual & different style, they are not bothered about what people will say. There is lot of movement and texture in the hair and it has also benefited the stylists now they can show their skills & creativity. Today hairdressing is one of the top industries in the world and fashion industry opportunities are growing at good pace not only in hair salons but also in film & TV industry, fashion houses, magazines, photo studios etc.

What to expect

So if you enjoy working with people, like to use your creative abilities, have interest in fashion & art and enjoy a sense of achievement in your work, then a career in hairdressing is waiting for you. I feel there is tons of potential in the hair dressing industry, the opportunity for growth and personal development. Hairdressing is a career which allows you to showcase your creativity to have fun, to earn name, fame and good money. Great opportunity for growth and through your work and also you will have the opportunity to meet new people and always learn something new.

Also to change a few people's opinion I must say hair styling is an art and a good hair stylist is always a very valuable commodity. A hair stylist that specializes in dealing with your hair type is even more valuable and much harder to come by. I really believe that the cut and style of your hair can transform your look and personality from grossly ugly to a glamorous look. Professional and competent hair cutting is the basis of good hairdressing. Designing a cut needs care, precision, artistic appreciation, technique combination and control. It includes the elements of balance rhythm, line and movement. Understanding the nature of shapes is having an understanding of the elements that build them. The building components in creating shapes are points, lines and angles. Each component defines the nature of the shape and the style it represents.

A hairdresser is involved in helping a person make the most of their appearance. It is a fast moving profession with many exciting opportunities available. I must say the opportunities for talented, creative, innovative people are endless. The hairdressing industry is continually developing and changing, creating an increasing range of styles that can be used. Believe me there are many different hair cutting styles and techniques that one wouldn't believe it. What is really a hair cut? It is a geometry applied to hair. A very caring hairdresser will study very hard to understand all angles, circles and lines he/she might have to use while haircutting, in order to fit his/hers clients body and face shapes. Understand the words beauty & art and always remember the sentence "we really care for our clients"

So when you make your mind that you really want to take up this profession, understand a few things 1. It involves dealing with people. 2. It is an important part of the fashion industry and involves using your creativity and imagination. 3. You need to have communication skills in order to talk to clients and build up a good relationship, have a friendly manner and good listening skills 4.It is a physically demanding job, requiring you to spend long hours on your feet, so if you have tired legs don't think of it.


Savio Joseph
Free lance writer, writes for various newspapers & magazines.

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