Hairdressing Essentials I Couldn’t be Without!

Published on: 25 Jun 2015

I know a lot of you have what I see as huge scissors these days but I think if I used anything bigger I would feel awkward and uncomfortable and may be not be able to cut so precisely, but of course that’s just my opinion and what I’m comfortable using. I think you all have to find what is best for the way you work; I do also have to unscrew and get rid of the finger rest as it is again not comfortable for the way I work. I know lots of people that love a finger rest and couldn’t cut without one but they are definitely not for me!

I certainly couldn’t work without my selection of razors for long. I personally am loving the Donald Scott carving comb from the Paul Mitchell professional tools range; it gives a beautiful softness to so many styles. I use it to finish so many cuts as I just love the effect. I usually use it on dry hair after blow drying; I lightly apply a pomade type finishing product so that the carving comb glides through the hair nicely without pulling and I also sometimes use it for the whole cut. Obviously this is dependent upon what the client and I are looking to achieve results-wise but I would certainly recommend trying one out if you haven’t already discovered it! 

Straighteners are a must in my life both in my home and my work. They are so versatile and can create so many different looks in short spaces of time, including lots of different types of curls and obviously perfect straightening too! I personally still use my trusty Babyliss pro’s as I myself own both those and GHD’s and I would always choose the Babyliss first. This is mainly due to the heat control that you don’t get with a set of GHD’s but also just because I actually feel that they do a better job and they are less than half the price as well which has to be a bonus! 

I definitely couldn’t work as a stylist without my standard Denman hairbrush. In my opinion they are the most versatile brush on the market and I actually don’t think I could go a day without one, both in the home and at work. I think they are great for so many types of blow dries and fantastic at getting the knots out of a child’s hair before you wash it. I do love tangle teezers too but only for fine to medium thickness hair and certainly not if you’re working with thick hair. I have really thick hair myself and I don’t feel they get right through the hair like a good old Denman does; they are also so sturdy and last for years.

Now another obvious choice for something us stylists really can’t do without is a hairdryer, but for me it’s not just any hairdryer. I’ve tried so many brands over the years but now it has to be a Parlux Super turbo, not just because it dries the hair at such speed but also because it doesn’t get too hot like so many other professional brands seem to. 

As I said, having tried lots of other brands, they do pretty much all seem to get so hot so quickly and if you’re drying really thick hair, that takes longer than your average blow dry. Then it heats up so much that you end up having to lower the heat and then it takes even longer and your arms have nearly dropped off by the time you’ve finished! You can expect none of that with the Parlux, it just does exactly what it’s supposed to – dries hair fast without burning anyone or most importantly without damaging the hair too much. 

Hand cream is a must throughout my working day. If I go even a day without it I always end up with what I can only describe as ‘granny hands’! It happens so quickly every time I do go even just one day without applying hand cream at every possible opportunity. I think it probably happens to me and lots of you too, because of years of hairdressing without using it as often as we should have. I do always wear gloves when doing colors etc, as I’m sure you do too, but because we come into contact with so many different chemicals, styling products and work with wet hair everyday it does eventually take its toll on our poor hands! 

There will be certain things in your hairdressing career that you will find you really can’t live without either and I’m sure you will probably agree with most of mine, despite perhaps preferring alternate brands. These are all my own personal choices and there are so many out there to select the best from, but at the end of the day it’s really all about what works best for you. Find out what you can work well with and what you feel will give you the comfort and confidence to help you to create the best styles and creations you possibly can in this competitive world we work in! 

Try lots of brands out and select the best possible choices for your lifestyle; if we can manage to do this it makes a massive difference to how confident we are in our work and confidence stands out a mile to our clients and everyone else too!