Hayley Aldridge, Therapist with Viva, Mark Warner Resorts

Hayley Aldridge chose Mark Warner Resorts to work for after all the good reports that her friends came back with of holidays with them.

For Hayley, working for Mark Warner was an ideal introduction to working and living overseas. It was the first real time she'd been away from home so the move meant a lot to her.

Here Hayley speaks to Hair and Beauty Jobs about what it's really like to live and work abroad.

Q. What attracted you to working abroad?

The main thing attracting me to work abroad first of all was obviously the weather and the opportunities that came from working in either a summer or winter resort e.g. sport.

For me personally it was also an introduction into being away from home. Meaning in the near to distant future I'm wanting to go travelling and this was an easy introduction into being on my own and what comes with working overseas.

Q. Why did you choose Mark Warner?

I chose Mark Warner because it had a good reputation off my friends that had already been on holiday there. They commented on the quality of staff they were holidaying with. It also provided a job within my chosen field which meant I didn't have to take a step back in my career as such.

Q. What was your first role with Mark Warner?

My first role with Mark Warner was just covering the end of season in Austria for a month. This had advantages and disadvantages. It gave me a taste of season life which I loved but it's also always hard to join staff mid season and because this was right at the end it was a little hard.

Q. How did you get to this point in your career?

I have done really well with my studies at home and had a lucrative self employed business going well. but felt at 20, I was a little too young to get tied down and I wanted a little fun before I was ready to put 100% into my business.

Q. What have you gained from working with Mark Warner?

I have overcome quite a few challenges of a personal level which I'm very proud of which if I hadn't worked for Mark Warner I probably wouldn't have achieved. Meaning I was never comfortable at talking in front of a crowd or to be perfectly honest fully confident in my job.

Through Mark Warner I have done waterfront briefings and tennis briefings which were in front of crowds of over 200 guests twice a week which needless to say quashed my original fear after a couple of run throughs.

Also doing transfers helped. Now I'm comfortable and enjoy addressing a crowd. With the job itself though I had been qualified for a while and had done well in my job but I still wasn't entirely comfortable or confident in selling myself.

Through many a guest coming through the door now I have a great comfort and confidence in my job role and the guest feedback always goes down well for that nice little lift.

Q. What are the benefits of a seasonal life?

For me this is meeting friends that will keep in touch with you for the rest of your life because doing a season always gives you a special bond. Also it gives you the opportunity to live with people of varying ages and have lots of fun in and out of work.

Q. Have you used the hotel facilities/enjoyed the skiing and beach environment and related sporting activities?

I can say quite confidently I have exhausted all the hotel's activities. The staff are always willing to give you instruction and advice in all areas on the snow or water. I have taken part in all the waterfront activities and snowboarding on the piste and I just can't get enough of it. It's out of this world!

Q. Are there any unique experiences that you have enjoyed whilst working for Mark Warner?

Yes, but at the moment would be distateful to talk about that without going into much detail! I have realised how staff really come together in hard times and really become a close knit family.

Q. What are the disadvantages?

For me the only disadvantage is not seeing your family enough.

Q. What keeps you motivated?

I love my job! For me that's enough. You're in surroundings you are very lucky to be in at the same time as doing your everyday job. Also it's always heart warming to get a big thank you off guests when they say they made your holiday.

Q. What advice would you give to someone to reach your position?

Simple ... work hard and have fun.

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