Home 'The Most Popular Location' for New Businesses

In 2006, the number of people working from home reached an all-time high, and entrepreneur Emma Jones believes that this trend will continue in 2007, as will the increase in home-based start-ups.

Jones predicts that more than 300 new professional service businesses, such as accountancy or law firms, graphic design firms or website developers, will start up from home each week in 2007. This would account for around 15% of the total number of home business start-ups.

There has also been an increase in entrepreneurs setting up personal service businesses from home. In 2006, there was a 58% growth in the number of mobile hairdressers operating, for example.

According to Jones, the number of personal service companies, such as complementary therapists, party planners and wedding organisers, will grow by a further 50% in 2007.

Jones also believes that businesses producing food or products from home will increase by 35% this year, as consumer demand for local and organic produce continues to outstrip supply.

Entrepreneurs will also continue to move online, said Jones, taking advantage of websites such as Second Life and Ebay, from which more than 70,000 people are already making a living.

She commented: "Home working is gathering serious momentum in the UK and especially in the West Midlands region the capital for Home Enterprise.

"With an estimated 8 million people operating commercially from home offices in the UK, the home has officially become the most popular location for business start-ups."

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Published: 03/01/2007

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