How Salons and Spas Can Appeal More to Men

For most guys the salon is strictly for women only. Their rigid gender values state that beauty is for ladies and, real men should be hard, tough, and manly. They imagine that a man should not concern himself with how he looks; a smudge of gel in the hair and a drop of aftershave might be as far as is deemed acceptable. He takes pride in his callused hands, for him it says to the world that he has earned his living in a very physical way, and he deserves respect for the hardship he’s been through. When you shake this man’s hand you won’t forget it; he holds firmly and the coarseness of his palms grate against yours. When he arrives home from a hard day’s work he caresses his wife, she feels his rough brillo pad hands and wishes he would take more care of himself. She wants him to be happy though so she says nothing, asks him how the gym was and goes back to watching the TV.


The Modern Man


But then the modern man came along: He moisturises, gets the occasional wax, and even treats himself to a manicure and a pedicure when his hands and feet need some attention. When you touch this man’s hands you can feel a gentle warmth; he is confident and caring; on first dates ladies fall in love, girlfriends wonder when he’ll propose, and wives never get bored of him. He enjoys a trip to the local beauty spa because he likes to be pampered. In his nine to five he is always under pressure: deadlines, demanding clients, and tightening budgets keep him up at night; but at the salon his worries melt away.


In a parallel universe men go to spas just as often as women. The male role models are well manicured and enjoy a massage and wax as often as possible. But why is this the case in this far far away place?


How salons and spas can appeal to men


In brief, the salons are more geared towards men. For 2 nights a week it’s men only. The menu is different too. Manicures are called ‘the handshake healer’ pedicures are listed as the ‘football special’. Massages are listed as ‘the deadline diminisher’ and waxes are referred to as ‘the David Beckham’. In the waiting room where there is free wifi the TV has sky sports on, so the patrons never have to miss a game. The coffee machine has freshly brewed tea and coffee, or beer after a perhaps challenging wax session. On the table lies a guest book where other brave men have left comments. Under the wax section it reads: I watched the 40 Year Old Virgin many years ago and thought that this wax, which my girlfriend demanded I do, would be utterly excruciating. I was happily surprised. It was nothing worse than getting taken down by a centre-half on a cold Sunday morning in the park. I’ll definitely try it again. I’ve also been getting more attention from the other half so I am delighted.


In the ideal salon, they also have men’s hour once a week. During this hour brave men from all across town make their way to the beauty salon. With exclusive appointments made over the phone, they give their name to the receptionist who welcomes them inside.


A beer, sir?

Why not!


He makes himself comfortable in the lounge sipping an ice cold beer. Tonight he is getting a massage. He hit his targets this week and this is his reward. A one hour full body massage. His back aches and his feet are tired from pounding the pavement. For this hour nobody can call him, nobody can pester him. He forgets the world. A 60 minute escape, when nothing else matters. As he enters the massage room he is already chilled out. The beer went down nicely. He takes off his shirt and lies on the table. The masseuse warms her hands, he feels the gentle heat on his back.


Mr. Smith, have you completed the month end report?


He doesn’t care now, he’s miles away from the office, almost like it’s a different world. He feels her hands chop, clap, and roll against his skin. It’s like she has a hundred hands; she covers every inch of his tired back. A back that has been hunched in front of a screen for 40 hours staring at numbers, stats, facts, and figures. This is where his battery goes to charge. He loses track of time. At the end, she nudges him gently. He has fallen asleep. When he gradually comes back to the room it seems like a lifetime has passed. The friendly masseuse then offers him another drink or tea. He takes another beer. Why not he says to himself.


He wonders what it would take to change his friend’s mind about a typical beauty treatment at a salon. For many men it is that they don’t feel comfortable. A burly man sitting waiting surrounded by women busily chatting and getting their nails painted. He’s probably not far wrong either but wait until he hears about men’s hour. Dare to care as it says on the flyer.



A Message for local men

This Wednesday are you brave enough for the hour of power?

An exclusive opportunity for the men of the neighbourhood to

Get the best treatments in a comfortable environment. Got a first date

Or trying to put the passion back in your relationship? She will love

The upgraded, updated new version of you.


For too long men have been forced out of the salon. It’s time to gain back control. Time to gain back control of this sanctuary that ladies have kept all to themselves for too long. Just for one hour a week get prepared for the beauty revolution. It starts by accepting that you are courageous enough to give a damn!

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