How to Avoid an Embarrassing Spa Trip

Published on: 12 Jan 2018

Wear underwear or a swimsuit.

Most spas will provide you with a robe. Whatever your treatment, I would always recommend keeping on your underwear or a swimsuit underneath, UNLESS your therapist advises you otherwise (i.e. some body treatments like a mud or wrap treatment may require you to remove all clothing as the products may cause staining to material so your therapist should provide you with paper underwear at this stage) Really listening to your therapist is essential! (I've been in many a treatment, having advised the client to lie face down and when I re-enter the room, they are indeed face up!) I know it's exciting and you are trying to take it all in but please, focus! You might miss an important instruction which then can lead to an embarrassing situation!

Be prepared. Know your treatment and what it entails.

Arriving a little earlier than needed, gives you plenty of time to complete your health questionnaire, get changed, use the toilet and ask your therapist about any concerns or queries you have at all. If you’re really not sure what your treatment may entail, do some research prior to arriving or better still, ring the spa and ask what might be required of you during your treatment (your therapist will go through your treatment fully with you before the treatment starts but by then it might be too late to change etc)

If you are body conscious make sure you pick a treatment you are going to be comfortable with and where you don't feel too exposed or embarrassed. Most therapists will adapt a treatment accordingly and work around it, if there's a body part you don't want treated or you have an injury etc. But if it's a major part of the treatment, it might be awkward to substitute. Remember, it's supposed to be relaxing so communication is imperative!

When I was working in a spa hotel we used to get lots of people booked in for treatments who had a contraindication for example a verruca, but they hadn't put this on their health questionnaire as they were embarrassed. Once in the privacy of the treatment room they would then tell you about it, just as you were about to touch their foot, not really understanding that we couldn't work around a contagious ailment in a pedicure! (you can't just stick a plaster over it!)

Avoid the soggy swimsuit scenario!

If you have been enjoying the swimming pool or jacuzzi prior to your treatment, please keep your eye on the time and dry off a good 10/15 minutes before your treatment time to avoid soggy swimsuit/soggy patch on couch etc. There is nothing worse than getting settled on the couch, then realising your swimsuit is all soggy (which is only going to turn cold) making for a not very relaxing experience! Drying off in plenty of time will allow you to decide whether or not you need to get changed and have the time to do it saving you the embarrassment of the wet patch!

Avoid eating/drinking excessively before your treatment

There is nothing worse for a client (or therapist!) than just getting your treatment underway then realising you need the toilet! (and you HAVE to mention it as you know you won't be able to relax and just might not last if not!) Having to get up again, get dressed and head out to use the facilities, which then eats into your treatment time. So please make sure you use the toilet in plenty of time before your treatment and try to avoid eating or drinking excessively beforehand too as this only makes you feel uncomfortable, especially if you have to lie on your stomach!

Be facial ready!

One of my favourite treatments to carry out is a facial. What I don't enjoy is when a client is almost awkward, not wanting you to do this, that or the other! E.g. I have had no end of clients booked in for facials, and there's nothing worse than a client who doesn't want oil or product in their hair (especially when said facial includes a scalp massage!) or they don't want you to touch their eyes (sometimes the case if someone is particularly sensitive or wearing contacts which I completely understand and have no problem working around, not so much if it's because they are off out somewhere afterwards and don't want you to remove their makeup! Hmmm maybe a facial wasn't the best choice of treatment in that case!) Turning up with a full face of makeup or wearing false eyelashes is just a waste of your time!

Fake tan disasters!

To avoid leaving an oompah loompah like stain on the couch, your towels or robe, please don't fake tan the day before heading to the spa or salon. There is no way a therapist can guarantee your tan won't be affected and you may end up looking somewhat giraffe like! Also fake tan stains everything! Im sure your therapist would really appreciate keeping their white towels pristine!

Tie hair up

One of my pet peeves is the ‘no hair tie’. I used to keep several spare in my pocket for the client with mid to long hair who didn't have one with them! I have long hair and absolutely HATE having it wet and stuck around my face and if you've been using the spa or swimming pool in the interest of health and safety you really should be tying long hair up and out of the way anyway! As a therapist it’s so horrible to start a treatment and then get the clients hair stuck to the oil on your hands and arms, making you lose your flow! As the client it's not pleasant to have your hair pulled and oily, sticking to your neck!

So there you have it, the key to avoid an embarrassing spa trip is being prepared! Arrive early, use the toilet, tie your hair up, don't bother with make up, bring a change of clothes, keep your eye on the time and ask questions. Remember, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!


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