How to be the kind of therapist all employers want

Published on: 18 May 2018

Embark on a lifetime of learning

Employers love versatile therapists who can carry out all the treatments listed on their salon menu and who will be prepared to undergo training for any treatments they’re unsure of.  It’s simple ...the more treatments and products you have working knowledge of the more employable you will be.

The beauty industry is forever changing with new techniques, styles and products so if you want to be a therapist in demand make sure you keep abreast of these trends and undergo training accordingly.

Within a salon environment threading, hot waxing, shellac nails, IPL, spray tanning and lash extensions are popular treatments to know. And useful skincare brands to have knowledge of are dermalogica, Elemis, decleor and Environ.

Once you’ve a couple of years experience and especially if you’d like to branch into aesthetics it’s worth expanding your knowledge of more advanced treatments such as microdermabrasion and peels and gaining your class 4 laser certificate in laser and light treatments.

Be prepared to sell

Salon owners love therapists who can sell their treatments and products. A good therapist will have asked the necessary questions to establish what their client is looking to achieve and will subsequently recommend and sell follow on treatments and products to continue a home care program.

Selling is a vital part of the therapist’s job and if you want to appeal to any employer you’ll need to educate yourself to see selling in a new light; a positive light where the customer benefits the more you sell to them.

Genuinely care about your customers

To be considered a great therapist you need to genuinely care about your customers; not just go through the motions of providing yet another treatment! Train yourself to really ‘be there’ for each and every one of your clients and focused on making them feel a lot better when they leave from when they arrived.

No matter what treatments you think you do well, if you don’t have passion for giving great customer service you’ll never be considered a quality therapist.

Treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself and you can’t go wrong

Be great at managing your time

A successful salon will have fully booked columns but chaos will soon reign if these appointments aren’t run to a strict timetable. One of the key skills that a therapist can bring to make this happen is good time keeping; making sure each appointment runs to time but not at the expense of their client feeling they’re on a conveyor belt of treatments or that they’re being rushed in any way.

Develop the knack of putting people at their ease

It is important that as a therapist you are capable of reading people well, knowing when to engage in conversation or leave someone to their own private thoughts, can communicate with a broad cross section of society and can also put people at their ease.

Therapists carry out personal treatments at close proximity to their client so its vital people feel totally comfortable in your presence.