How to Excel at your Beauty Counter Jobs Interview

In securing interviews for beauty counter positions however some applicants continually fail to get offered a position. If you've been successful in being invited through to interview make sure you read up on what most beauty retail employers will be looking for below:

Some tips on succeeding at your Beauty Counter jobs interview

First off don't be surprised if your interview consists of far more than a half hour face to face sit down with the recruiter. Many product houses will expect you to sit through a demonstration of their key products with a run through of application techniques. Pay good attention as you will probably have to apply the products yourself later in the day and also be observed in how you interact with store customers.

  • Make sure you are well presented. From head to toe you need to look well groomed and polished. Remember you will be representing a brand and to that end your personal appearance is everything. If you can't apply make-up properly yourself then alarm bells will start ringing about your capability with regards to applying make-up on their customers.
  • Do your homework on the products. It's not uncommon for your interview to involve you applying make-up to one of the other applicants. Read up beforehand by visiting the product houses website or ordering their catalog so you can familiarise yourself with their products and application tips. Better still visit one of their beauty counters within your local department store and play around with the tester samples and have one of their beauty consultants apply creams or make-up so you can pick up on how the company likes to have their products applied.
  • Pay close attention to any beauty demos given. It's not uncommon for the recruiting product house to give you a demo of the products they'd like you to sell and to give you tips on how to apply them and important key words you should use when selling them. Pay careful attention to all such advice and try to commit to memory or write them down as you'll win brownie points for demonstrating that you were listening during role plays later in the day.
  • Now is not the time for shyness! A lot of product houses will expect their beauty counter staff to approach store customers and try and sell them their products. Some applicants feel uncomfortable doing this as they fear they could be imposing themselves on others. Before you attend the interview run through how you might approach customers and also of any scenarios where you've been approached by a sales assistant in the past where you didn't mind the intrusion. The important thing  is to be yourself and not to feel you have to badger the customer into buying something from you. Just be natural and bear in mind that the important thing is to  leave a positive impression of your products.
  • Be prepared for interview questions. It's always a good idea to prepare in advance your answer to questions the interviewer may ask. You should bear in mind that beauty counter jobs are in effect sales jobs and you will be expected to work towards targets. It's not unreasonable therefore for the interviewer to ask how you feel working towards sales targets. In case you were wondering 'you really like selling and working to sales targets; both the targets and resulting commission really motivates you'!!
  • Expect also to be asked why you want to work for the company and what you think about their products and very importantly what you think makes for excellent customer service and how you would go about building a rapport with your customers.
  • Demonstrate your enthusiasm and motivation for the job. If you can't demonstrate enthusiasm and motivation for the job in question then you may as well not turn up!

Obviously different beauty product companies will have different interview processes and we can't tell you what your interview will consist of but if you go in with adequate preparation for the above taking place then you'll be better equipped than most for doing well in your beauty counter jobs interview

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