Chat To Headmasters Senior Art Team Members

Q: What do you love about your hairdressing job?

SIAN: “I love my hairdressing job because being a part of the Artistic Team means it’s so varied. A lot of my clients are young, cool bloggers, magazine editors and models. When I’m not there I’m either teaching in our Academy or I have press events, I do shows at London Fashion Week, style lounges, photo shoots, and in between I’m writing quotes for magazines and blogs, I love the diversity.”

SUZANNE: “I love my job because of the variation I have every day. I could be teaching Hair-up, Colour, Men’s, Afro or Curly. I also love the interaction I have with the diverse range of people I meet.”

Q: Why Headmasters?

SIAN: “I trained with Headmasters and, as I have gone through my career, I have become more aware of other companies, it’s just cemented my love for our brand. I love that all our imagery is aimed at our clients and therefore is all beautiful, aspirational hair.”

SUZANNE: “Headmasters was always an obvious choice for me when I made the transition from make up to hair. I love the fact that there are no limitations on the looks that I want to create within the salon. That everything we do is fashion inspired and that I can spend my time meeting all my clients needs by creating beautiful hair!”

Q: Where will you be in 5 years?

SIAN: “In 5 years I want to still be involved with writing and teaching our courses, I’m always striving to learn new things, and the exciting thing for me about hairdressing jobs is that there are always new techniques and products coming out, so in 5 years it will all be different again!”

SUZANNE: “Already in the 6 1/2 years I have been with Headmasters I feel that I have accomplished so much. However, education is where my main passion lies! In 5 years I see myself really pushing the education we do at Headmasters to the next level in a new Academy that will be not only a diverse education hub, but also a place to express everyone’s creativity!”

 Q: What’s an average day spent doing for you?

SIAN: “When I wake up I need to double check where I’m going that day! At the moment I’m mainly teaching. Whenever I get a break I’m checking my emails to see if there are any exciting jobs coming up, so multitasking is often essential.”

SUZANNE: “An average day for me is teaching at our Senior Academy, running workshops and doing demos about our fantastic Colour Menu.”

Q: Who inspires you?

SIAN: “For me, it’s Sam McKnight, my favourite look he has done would have to be Kate Moss on the cover of June’s Vogue, I love the effortless chic beach movement, it’s the kind of hair I really enjoy creating.”

SUZANNE: “Alex Bronswell from Bleach! I love that she took something she loves and made her brand out of it! She’s hard working and passionate and that’s what I feel you need to succeed in this industry!”

Q: Who do you love to follow on Twitter?

SIAN: “@marieclaireuk always have really good articles on hair client friendly explanation of the techniques we are doing.”

SUZANNE: “I love following Lisa Eldridge on Twitter as she is always working on major campaigns. So by following her I can see all the shoots as they happen.”

Q: Most memorable thing you have done with Headmasters?

SIAN: “The most memorable thing I’ve done so far with Headmasters was that I got to fly to Holland to do a show for M&S. We were styling hair all day for the show which was attended by Dutch royalty, it was all really exciting.”

SUZANNE: “I worked on a shoot when I first got into the Art Team with Jonathon Soons for Good Housekeeping! It was a series of makeovers for wives of soldiers who were fighting in Afghanistan and who weren’t coming back for Christmas. We did one particular makeover for a wife who’s partner had passed away and after the makeover I remember her just expressing so much thanks and how she felt amazing, that is why I do my job!”

Q: Best advice you can give someone thinking about becoming a stylist?

SIAN: “If you’re creative and passionate, go for it! You will spend hours on your feet, but there’s nothing more rewarding then making someone feel glamorous and confident!”

SUZANNE: “You need to have a passion for the industry and the willingness to work hard. It is definitely a journey when training so you need to be prepared for good days and bad days. However once you are qualified it is such a satisfying job! That feeling when you have a client that isn’t happy about their image and in 45 mins you can completely turn that around. There are not many other hairdressing jobs you can get that feeling from!”