7 Benefits of temping in the spa and beauty industry

Written by: Veronica Butler Director Redcurrant Jobs
Published on: 10 Feb 2022

7 Benefits of temping in the spa and beauty industry

While we continue to see growth in new jobs since Covid 19 restrictions were lifted, many beauty and spa companies are remaining cautious.  Temp jobs are plentiful and are providing real flexibility and choice for therapists when assessing job options available.  So, if you’re struggling to find the right permanent job or looking for part time work to fit around other commitments, temping could be the answer.

  1. Financially rewarding

There is great opportunity to make some money as a temp in the spa and beauty industry.  Being able to earn a salary—whether it’s only for a few months while in-between jobs or on an on-going flexible basis —temping in many cases, will give you a more favourable salary than many permanent jobs that is paid to you on a weekly basis.

  1. Work Life Balance / allow time for fun and you

Finding that you’re living for work? Now is the opportunity to create the right balance allowing yourself the time you need to dedicate to other priorities in your life, be it your hobby, travelling or simply spending time with your family during holidays.  Never before has there been more emphasis on striking the right balance between work and play.  Beauty temping offers the opportunity for you to achieve the perfect balance allowing dedication to your work but crafting a harmonious work life synergy.


  1. You’re in control / Flexibility 

One of the greatest benefits of temporary jobs is flexibility.    Spa and beauty therapists have the opportunity to choose to work full or part-time through a recruitment agency enabling you to pick specific days and times to suit your schedule.  Working in this way is completely flexible and YOU are in control. 

  1. Experience counts / Up skills / Training

And that brings us onto experience. If you manage to work at several reputable spas or salons as a beauty temp, you’ll find it immediately makes your CV impressive and could mean the difference between ending up on the Yes or No pile.


  1. A foot in the door / Temp to perm

The ability to test the waters at a salon or spa. If you’ve always dreamed of working at a specific company, accepting a temporary position will enable you to find out what it’s like to work there. In addition, it can also let you get a foot in the door for when a permanent position becomes available. Giving you that option to ‘try before you buy!

  1. Filling a gap / CV continuous

Continuous employment on your résumé.  Gaps on your CV don’t look good and might result in you missing out on your dream spa or beauty job. Temporary positions—especially when they are related to our chosen profession—can bridge the gap and show employers you’re motivated and willing to work. Having no contracted hours, this bridge could be as long as you make it until that dream role comes along. 

  1. You are still protected / rights and benefits

Regulations (AWR) have been introduced to ensure temp workers receive the same rights and benefits as permanent staff.  This includes holiday pay, sick pay and other perks such as use of facilities, uniforms and meals on duty.  

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