Importance of Tips to Hairstylists

Published on: 25 Apr 2017

Tips let hair stylists know when they’ve done a good job

If you simply pay the stated price for the cut or colour treatment you’ve received, there is no way for your hair stylist to know whether you were happy with the service. Tipping your hairstylist lets them know they’ve done a good job. It provides an indication of how satisfied you were, which enables hair stylists to gain insight into the quality of their work as well as your personal preferences.

If a hair stylist experiences a week during which the number of tips they receive is low, it gives them a hint that perhaps they need to improve their service. Maybe they’ve been lazy when it comes to making conversation with clients or perhaps they haven’t been paying close enough attention to what their customers are asking for. Tips can be a valuable point of reference, letting a hair stylist know when they are succeeding in their work or when they need to improve. Similarly, if you tip your hair stylist well after they do a particularly great job on your cut or colour, they’ll know for next time to give you the same type of service.


It's good for morale

While some hair stylists at top salons may take home a hefty salary, many are not massively well paid despite working very hard. Hair stylists not only provide an important service to their clients, and are under pressure to get it right, but they’re also on their feet for long hours every day. They can’t simply take a break half-way through cutting your hair to go to the toilet, answer a text message or have lunch. And even on days when they’re not feeling great, they have to put on an upbeat persona and be positive for clients. Speak to any hair stylist and you’ll find that the job is often more taxing than it seems.

Tipping your hair stylist gives them a little boost, elevating their morale and making their working life that little bit easier.


It’s personal

In many jobs, you see the same faces day-in-day-out and grow familiar with them, but this is not the case for hair stylists. While hair stylists often work in relatively small teams, their clients may only stop by every few months or so meaning that the relationship, while loyal, is also relatively distant.

You may stick with a decent hair stylist for several years, and they may prove to be a constant in your life while other aspects of your personal affairs such as friendships, relationships and jobs, are changing, but you are still only seeing your hair stylist intermittently, dipping in and out of each other’s lives. Tipping your hair stylist is a nice, personal way of making them feel valued and acknowledging the ongoing role they play in your life.


Time is money

If you feel that your hair stylist has gone above and beyond for you and has taken extra time to get your hair cut just the way you like it, or perfect your colour exactly to your specifications, it is important to remember that their time is money. Additional time they devote to you is time that they are unable to spend catering to other customers, meaning that the more time they spend perfecting your style, the more they lose out financially. By tipping your hair stylist, you are acknowledging the value of their time and taking away the financial burden and stress that they may have been feeling about having devoted so much time to your appointment.


It helps the business run smoothly

The income hair stylists earn is never guaranteed. The number of bookings even the most respected hair stylist receives can fluctuate for reasons outside their control. Changes in the economy such as a recession can lead to a dip in business. Even bad weather can have an impact, causing people to cancel appointments and stay at home.

Tipping your hair stylist gives them a small amount of additional financial security. Tips can be saved up and can help the hair stylist get through times when business is not quite so stable and forthcoming.


It frees up time

Hair stylists don’t simply spend all their time with clients. At a top salon, hair stylists will also be investing a significant amount of time and energy on researching the newest and most exciting hair products and treatments. They will investigate ingredients, try out samples and ensure that the range of products they offer is effective and up-to-the-minute. But while business-savvy salons will factor this additional work into the overall cost of services, in an effort to keep prices down for customers and remain competitive, many salons will overlook such responsibilities and either not factor them into the overall cost or undercharge.

By tipping your hair stylist, you are taking some of the pressure off the business in terms of running costs and helping to free up your hair stylist’s time. They will be able to invest more of their energy into staying on top of industry trends and developments, which can end up directly benefitting you. After all, if they bring in the latest range of styling products, your hair may thank you for having left that tip!


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