Increase your chances of landing the best spa jobs

Published on: 3 Mar 2016

Spa jobs are on the increase in the UK and this is largely because spas are very much in vogue. No longer the bastions of upper middle class ladies 'wot lunch' spas are now largely accessible to everybody, both male and female. And this is great news for spa therapists looking for a healthy career in spa as spas are very much on the increase and with that comes endless spa job opportunities.


But how do therapists go about increasing their chances of landing the best spa jobs!


Make sure you have the right spa qualifications. 

You will need a minimum level of NVQ level 2 in spa therapy to work as a spa therapist but most spa employers require NVQ level 3 or equivalent from their spa staff. Spas typically focus on body treatments so make sure you can competently carry out massage treatments

Build on your portfolio of treatments. 

To remain competitive spas have to offer a varied menu of treatments. For example, you won't just find one type of massage treatment on the spa menu. On the contrary you'll often find a whole plethora of massage treatments; swedish massage, hot stone therapy, aromatherapy massage, Indian head and therapeutic... and so the list goes on. The more treatments you can can competently carry out as a spa therapist the more attractive a candidate you'll be to the spa employer. It's worthwhile therefore disciplining yourself to attending different spa treatment courses so you can add to your spa treatments portfolio.

Apply for work at large destination spas. 

If you're struggling finding spa jobs its worthwhile looking for large well known destination spas. This is because they tend to recruit lots of staff and are therefore more likely to have spa jobs available at any one time. In addition their work hierarchy is such that there will be more of an abundance of vacancies available at different levels of the spa career ladder i.e. spa attendants, spa therapists, senior spa therapists and supervisors, reception and ultimately spa management. Such spas (i.e. Champneys Tring and Forest Mere, The Grove) are typically very well known with excellent reputations. Being able to mention you've worked at one or more of these luxurious spas does wonders for your CV.

Create a list 

Write up a list of the spas you'd love to work for and keep a constant look out for job opportunities. There are so many different types of spas (day spas, boutique spas, destination spas) and each type will have a different work environment. It's important that you establish what's important to you in a spa environment and create your own personal wish list of spas you'd like to work at. Once you have your list keep a regular look out for opportunities and apply often. Your persistence will eventually pay off.

Work on the qualities required in a good spa therapist. 

There are certain personal qualities that are essential in any spa therapist. Stamina for example is essential if you're carrying out back to back massage treatments and without building up your stamina you could struggle with a busy workload. As spa therapists are in direct personal contact with their clients, employers also look to recruit therapists that have excellent personal communication skills and the patience to cope with their clients varied needs.

Make sure your CV application plays to your strengths.

Obviously you want to highlight your spa therapy qualifications, work experience, product knowledge and treatments you can offer. But don't forget that employers are also looking for evidence that your personal qualities will match the ethos and culture of their spa. It's important therefore you can demonstrate an ability to; focus on giving supreme customer service at all times, effectively retail spa products, work effectively as part of a larger spa team and not just on your own. In other words don't just focus on what  treatments you can offer as you can bet other spa candidates will have similar credentials. Instead, illustrate what other essential qualities you possess

Mirror your spa employers requirements throughout your application. 

People often underestimate the importance of properly reading spa job adverts. They often provide the best clues as to how you should structure your application. In preparing your cover letter and CV make sure you give examples of how you meet each of the employer's requirements and in the event that you don't possess a given skill then clearly demonstrate how you're happy to go about acquiring it.

Do your homework. 

If you're lucky enough to be invited to interview then make sure you do your homework on the spa in question. If you look on their website there's bound to be some background information on the spa together with an indication of what's important to them. Doing some background research will mean you're more likely to ask sensible relevant questions when prompted and not be embarrassed when it it's obvious you knew nothing about the spa you've applied to join.


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