Increase your Employability Factor

This is because you can be up against stiff competition from growing numbers of candidates coming on to the job market; perhaps as a result of redundancies or businesses closing.

This doesn't mean you should go into a state of depression, give up or think you'll never land yourself a decent job ever again. It doesn't even mean that there will be more competition. You could walk effortlessly into your next position. It simply means that you have to be prepared for the eventuality.

And that's a really good thing because you'll put more effort into your job hunting efforts and by doing so significantly increase your employability factor.

Make sure you are adopting the following measures;

Plan, Plan, Plan

You've probably heard it a million times but the saying is true, 'If you fail to plan you plan to fail'. And this is true also of your job search. Build into your jobseeking plan exactly what your end goal is and the steps you need to acheive to reach this goal.

Make your plan as detailed as possible and ask yourself what essential tools do you need. A good CV, cover note, internet access, interview suit etc. And make sure that you build some acheiveable daily targets into your plan. For example, how many job oppotunities you will apply to on a daily basis.

Don't rely on only one method of job search

Make sure you adopt a multi faceted approach to job seeking by not just sticking to one approach. Work the following into your jobseeking agenda; industry specific recruitment agencies, online job boards, trade magazines, local newspapers, networking, speculative approaches

Get the Basics right

So many jobseekers don't get the basics right and then wonder why they struggle to get an invitation to interview. Your CV for instance should be showing you off in the best light possible not leaving a bad impression with perspective employers. Click here for essential advice on the do's and don'ts with CV preparation.

Have pride in your appearance

Employers simply don't have the time to get to really know you as a person. They have to go off gut instinct and the facts that are presented in front of them. And your appearance is essential in affecting what they think of you. Your personal appearance therefore when attending an interview has to be immaculate and indicative of someone that takes care of themselves.

Appearance doesn't just rest with your person. Employer's are also making judgements based on the appearance of your CV, your cover note, the state of your portfolio.

The Devil is in the Detail

It's the small things that often let a jobseeker down on their application. Spelling and grammatical errors are right at the top of the list. If you have to check, check and check again before sending!

What have you got to offer the employer?

This might seem like a daft question but so many people don't seem to know their own strengths. They fail to list or mention prior acheievements to prospective employers and in doing so fail to market themselves properly. Especially during a recession employers want to know what skills and knowledge you bring with you and how you can best assist drive their business forward.

They are particularly interested in how you can either make or save them money.

If you're a therapist, think along the lines of how you can demonstrate ways in which you have boosted a salon's bottom line. For example, by introducing a new treatment to the menu, exceeded your retail or service targets.

Target your application to the job in question

Make sure you read the job details properly for a clear idea on the skills and experience the employer is looking for. Each company has a different set of requirements and it's essential you have a clear understanding of what these are before applying. The goal is to match as many of their listed requirements as possible by highlighting on your application examples of how you fit the bill.

Each application will may involve you targeting different skills

And lastly...

The most important rule of all.... Believe in yourself!


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