Kids Allowed - Designing a Child-Friendly Salon

Most parents dread the thought of taking their young children for a haircut but it really doesn't have to be a nightmare. The owners of one London salon have spent a great deal of time carefully putting together a child's delight of a salon and have worked hard to make their ideas become reality. The final result is a testament to their hard work, with a salon that children adore and parents appreciate.

Research your target market

Anyone who has ever witnessed children running around causing havoc, or whining, or fighting with friends and siblings, understands that a bored child is a restless and unhappy child. Therefore, the most important consideration when designing a child-friendly salon is to do your research thoroughly. What keeps children happy, entertained and engaged with their surroundings? Begin by asking your customers what they would like to see in their ideal salon. Children are sure to come up with all sorts of ideas, some more practical than others, whilst parents may have a more considered approach, but this should give you a good starting platform. Next you need to find a good designer who can help to take your ideas and create a child's paradise of a salon whilst staying true to your vision.

Just add children!

In London, the owners did their research and came up with some great ideas for keeping children entertained. Brightly coloured murals on the walls and a giant fish tank make a highly visible statement that this a fun place to be. When it comes to salon furniture, UK hairdressers lead the way in coming up with fresh and creative ideas and they realise that the standard mirror, chair and basin doesn't have to be boring. This salon has embraced the idea of thinking outside the box by using giant toy cars as seating at some of the styling stations and modern white and chrome chairs at others. In a particularly inspired touch, they have installed a television screen at each station to ensure the child will want to keep still. Even the waiting areas have been carefully thought out, with bean bag seating and plenty of fun games to play. Lighting has been carefully thought out too, with Hollywood starlet bulbs around the mirrors and bright neon signs.

Mums and Dads aren't forgotten either. One quiet corner of the salon has been set aside as a 'parent crèche', decorated in a neutral palette of creams and browns to provide a restful area for parents to wait whilst the children are being attended to.

The London team have some important tips to offer anyone thinking of following their lead.
- Work out your budget and then double it
- Make sure your clients are happy with your plans as the last thing you want to do is alienate customers
- Work with people who really understand your vision
- Work with shop fitters to ensure that the project flows seamlessly
- Lighting is hugely important, so spend time ensuring that you get it right.

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