Kim Lawless Brazilian Waxing Expert

Published on: 5 Mar 2016

Kim Lawless, dubbed 'THE WAX QUEEN' is the UK's leading authority on Extreme Waxing for women and men (that's Brazilians to you and me). You'll often hear and see Kim in the media where she's asked to comment and advise on the latest trends and her unique technique.  

As well as running a very successful wax studio in Upminster, Kim also runs waxing courses across the UK and Europe.  Sounds like an interesting lady, we just had to speak to her..


Bare Facts

Name:  Kim Lawless
Favourite food:  Peppered Steak and Chips .... love it!
Most like to meet:  Oprah Winfrey
Likes?  Programmes about true crime
Dislikes?  Mice
Proudest moment?  Every day when I look at my daughter ..... she still takes my breath away


How could it best be described the work that you do?

I make people feel amazing about themselves by removing the hair that they hate.

How did you get into waxing?

I started out doing general beauty but soon realised that I had a natural talent for waxing.  I'm fearless and will wax anything and anyone (and I have).


What do you love about waxing?

That each waxing session is like a therapy session.  I have met the most interesting people and you would never believe just who has intimate waxing. I will get to write that book one day.

What are your waxing pet hates?

Seeing feet that need a good pedi.

 Who would you most like to wax and why?

Johnnny Depp (for obvious reasons) and Colin Farrell as that mono- brow has got to go.        


What are some of the new trends in waxing?

The new trend in waxing is Extreme Waxing which really does mean getting every hair out of every orifice.


Have you ever invented a waxing treatment?

Well I have invented my own techniques for Brazilians and Back, Sac and Crack, so it's nice to know that I'll leave something useful behind when I kick the bucket.


What is the most creative wax you've ever been asked to do?

I was asked to make a lady's hips look smaller ......don't ask.


Describe 3 essential qualities in a waxing therapist?

Compassion-  Skill - Personality   


Where can someone get specialist training in waxing?

From me!  I have my own accredited courses, right through from Absolute Beginners to Speed Waxing, Intimate Waxing for Men and Women and Brow Design. Email for course details via my waxing website  or call, Office: 01708 222 757   Direct: 07739 832 328    



For anyone wanting to get into waxing what do you suggest they do?

Get good training from the start.  Don't try to save money by going on cheap courses as it will cost you more in the long run.

What do you see as the future of waxing?

I see mens waxing becoming more popular than womens waxing and I see more 'waxing only' salons opening .


What would you like to see happen?

At present, there is no formal qualification required to carry out Intimate Waxing.  I would like to see this changed. I would like to see the use of strip wax banned on Intimate Waxing as it's barbaric and can cause serious damage in the wrong hands.