Know the Right Employee Interview Tips

Every organization has its own culture and specific requirements and its own rule books containing employee interview tips. Recruitment is one of the most important processes in an organization. An organization tries to find right people for the jobs in a limited time. Rounds of interviews conducted by interviewers can be exhausting and nerve wrecking and still there is no way to know if one did choose the right applicant. Every interviewer needs to be aware of the requirements of the organization. He should know what he is looking for, when he interviews the candidates. He can have his own reasons for judging a candidate on parameters he deems right. But there certainly are employee interview tips that can help make the interviewing process less stressful for everyone concerned.

You must have the interviewees resume to start with and you need to study it properly. You need to know your candidate in order to judge him later. You should be ready with your list of questions that you want answered. Controversial questions that have the potential to throw the discussion into unknown territories are best avoided, unless it is important for you to know the interviewee's stand on the subject. Personal questions are a no-no. Be clear in your questioning unless you really want to confuse your potential employee.

Gurus that provide employee interview tips harp on this aspect a lot -one should avoid getting distracted during the process of interview. Casually dropping visitors, phone calls etc. should be avoided. It dilutes the serious image of the company and devalues the seriousness if the process of interviewing. Pressure tactics are at times used in interviews to check the candidate's response. Use them if you think they help you judge the candidate better, but they aren't the norm now.

Frame questions in such a way that the interviewee is able to bring forth his point of view, so the questions that can be directly answered in 'Yes' or 'No' should be avoided as the point truly here is to know the person whom you are interviewing. Normally among the candidates with similar qualifications, the interviewer needs to find the candidate who is most suitable, who has the right traits to fit in the prevailing culture of the company unless the organization is really going through some heavy duty cultural overhauling and there is need for change. These are some general employee interview tips.

Besides the usual salary and perks negotiations one needs to brief the interviewee about the company, its history, the culture of the company, the role he is expected to play, the responsibilities he needs to handle. It is always a good idea to inform him earlier about the extra hours he would require to put in when needed and the working Saturdays and Sundays schedule if there is any.

Always remember spotting talent is also a talent and if you think you can move away from the rule books and guidelines and still come out the tops with your instincts, of course with the support of your organization, you don't need employee interview tips you can go as per your hunches. The fields are wide open for ones who know which fruits to pluck in which season. Happy interviewing.


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