Learning to Trust Your Inner Voice

How many times in our lives have we been faced with the dilemma when a situation unfolds that somehow, miraculously inside, our gut instinct knew the answers all along?  How many times in our lives have we been faced with the dilemma of making tough decisions, yet for some unknown reason we simply don’t seem to be getting the answers we need from the outside world, yet if only we listened to our natural gut instinct, I’m sure you can agree things probably would have unfolded differently, right?

A lot of what you’re about to read is something we as human beings are born with, the sixth sense that is.  Some of us choose to tune into it more than others; therefore manage to recognize the signs early on but we all hold this very powerful insight inside each of us, we simply need to learn to use it and most of all to trust it. 

How many times can you count on your hands and feet when something didn’t feel right when it came to a past love relationship?  A lot of the time we tend to put the negative signs aside in love relationships due to the fear of failure and breakdown; which in turn changes us as people and takes us away from the messages our ‘SOUL’ is trying to give us. 

9 times out 10 had we listened to the signs we could probably have saved ourselves from a lot of head and heartache; yet for some unknown reason we just can’t seem to bring ourselves to trust what we we’re being told. A lot of the time this is down to empathy; we want to see the best in each other and hope to bring out the best in people and circumstances, thus often giving too many chances for people, and your gut instinct to prove you wrong.

You see, more often than not decisions we make in life are rushed. We as a human race tend to feel life ‘IS’ a race and move forward without taking the time to listen to our own inner voice, this natural sixth sense that time and time again will prove you wrong, if you don’t listen. 

How many times have you said to yourself ‘I knew something wasn’t right, my gut instinct told me yet I didn’t listen?  That’s when we want to kick ourselves!  Some call this a psychic ability, some call it luck.  Call it what ever you want but this gift is waiting inside all of us to guide us in the right direction in life and I don’t just mean love relationships. All successful individuals in this world look to the Universe for guidance on where to go with their career. Don’t get me wrong; we are all masters of our own destiny; however it does help now and again to give the Universe a bit of a nudge by believing that there is something bigger and better out there to aspire to.

Sometimes it’s fear of change and the ‘What ifs? What if I don’t get the job, what if I don’t like it, what if my company find out I’m looking, what if I’m stuck in the job I hate, or I’m doing a job I love but hate my boss, what now?  A lot of the time, decisions tend to be made for us; especially career moves, specifically when we are working hard to climb that ladder, whatever role you may be in.

We may even be faced with situations that could have been prevented had we had the courage to speak up about what we truly felt at the time? How many of you looking back now would have ‘listened’ to your gut instinct and acted upon it, I’m sure I would have. 

Again, fear of rejection, trouble, jobs, friendships, lovers etc. preventing us from being true to ourselves. O.K, granted, you cant open up about everything you disagree with, such as having the arrogant, horrible, despicable boss; however if you listen carefully your SOUL will guide you in the right direction. You may not always get the outcome in the situation you’d hoped for; however once again, destiny steps in and will lead you to where you need to be. 

Without being disrespectful of age here; it really isn’t until things happen in our lives that we tend to look back and almost have an epiphany years later, years wiser, years more self confident in who we are as a person can we see, that the signs were there all along, we just chose to not listen. 

Confidence plays a big part in this topic; however being knowledgeable and confident in your ability does not warrant or give you the green light to speak at all times. If you were asked a simple question, ‘if you were given a Monkey as a gift, what would he or she look like?’  You can bet your bottom dollar it looks nothing like mine!  That’s exactly the same when it comes to your instincts, your psychic sixth sense, we are all very, very different.

Let’s say you finally get the message and choose to listen to what your soul is trying to tell you...

How are you going to deliver this message in your current situation? Firstly, double check and triple check it’s accurate. If there’s a fire lit within you, almost urging you forward with conviction (not over-confidence) then you must listen to it. This could be the life changing decision you’ve been waiting for and only now you finally have the confidence to trust it. This phenomenon you are now privy to is one of the most amazing skills and tools you can pass down or along to your peers, staff and family members etc.  Watching the Universe unfold is one of the most rewarding experiences you will have the pleasure of witnessing. Remember: the biggest and most important message of all here is ‘BELIEVE’….all you need to do is believe!

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