Libby Eley, Head of Training for Dove Spa

Q. What are your main responsibilities?

I am responsible for the training of Dove Spa therapists across 30 sites, co-ordinating the delivery of Dove Spa training and ensuring a consistency of high standards. I also play an important part in recruitment.

Q. What qualities do you look for in a Spa therapist?

We see a lot of therapists coming on the courses and we can set them all up with a good skill set. However, I'm interested not only in technical skills but in seeing proactive, passionate people, ones that genuinely care and look after their clients.

I'm also interested in seeing therapists that have confidence, technical confidence but also a confidence in themselves. Confidence and self esteem go hand in hand and are infectious. And it's important for our therapists to have confidence especially when our brand is all about building women's self esteem.

I also think it's important and we actively seek for every Day Spa to have a diverse mix of characters

Q. What is special about the Dove Spa brand?

Dove Spa is about 'real' women and that is unique in itself. We celebrate the beauty of real women and teach women how to look after themselves professionally, we educate the customer.

Q. How accessible is your Spa treatment for today's women?

Very accessible. Dove Spa is unique in the market place and has a delivering to clients that is different to other spas. We are unique on 3 different levels;

Firstly, we recognise that today's women are time starved. People these days are very concerned about time as they have less of it. Gone are the days back in the '80s when women would spend a week at a health farm. People are time hungry. As a result we have created day spas and book our facials by time segments, from 1 /2 hour to 45 min, 60 min and 75 min. And within those time segments we deliver exactly what you need.

Secondly, people are tired of guesswork. They don't want the usual 'Your skin is dry comment' backed up by no explanation or solution. At Dove Spa we are honest about what we deliver. Our therapists use skin diagnosis equipment to check the real conditions of your skin. Once we've diagnosed your skin type we can recomend appropriate treatments and products.

However we're not into delivering quick fixes. After the treatment our therapists will draw up a home care plan that is specific to the customer. It's all about making women women feel good and encouraging them to continue looking after themselves.

And thirdly we offer value fantastic value for money. All facials lasting 45 min + receive a mini treat incorporated as part of the facial. It comes as a lovely surprise

Q. Do you offer specialist in house training?

Yes, we have a 6 days training course and 4 days after that on specific body treatments.

Q. What career advancement opportunities do you provide for Spa Therapists?

We want great therapists to stay with us. And the route their career takes with us can take many formats.

We would like some for example to become involved with the Dove Self Esteem Fund, a national campaign to touch the lives of 1 million young women with the aim of developing their self esteem. We want to challenge their perception of beauty and perpetuate an understanding of their own fabulousness.

This mirrors the Master Brand's (Dove) campaign for real beauty.

The workshop goes into schools and colleges and so is involved heavily within the community.

And of course you have the option of being a specialist within a field; colonic hydrotherapy, IPL hair removal specialist, the options are endless.

Q. What advice would you give for anyone seeking a career within the spa industry?

First and foremost you have to be interested in people. A great Spa therapist inuitvely pays attention to detail. 'Is my client too cold?' 'Would they prefer to listen to some music?'. This comes from really wanting to look after people.


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