Life as a Spa Manager for Steiner

Name: Janene Ellis

Profession: Spa Manager

Training School: International Academy of Health & Skincare – Cape Town

Nationality: South African

Age: 24

Time at Sea: 2 years

Current Position: Spa Manager - Silver Whisper

Best professional experience

Guests bringing you gifts/cards and thanking you for the difference you made in their lives and seeing the happiness and comfort you have brought to them. Being promoted by my Director of Operations was a really proud moment, too.

Most memorable day off: Standing in front of the 12 famous statues of Easter Island, Chile & realizing it was a dream coming true and a once in a lifetime experience.

Favorite port

Santorini, Greece

How has working at sea changed you?

I have become a much stronger person; you develop and grow at a much quicker rate than your peers which enabled me to deal with situations more maturely. You expand your horizons and learn how each person is truly unique and makes a difference.

I also learned to appreciate the two most precious things in life that we are given which is time and family.

Message for someone considering life at sea with Steiner

Just do it and let go. Everyone has a different experience and unless you take that final step you will never know and always think ‘what if?’ I think living with ‘what if’ is much worse than thinking ‘I did that’ or ‘I tried that.’ Don’t let anything hold you back and remember what a privilege it is to work onboard. It is a life most are envious of.

Final word

You were given one life, so live it!

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