Life of a Beauty Consultant

I decided it was time to make people aware of our roles as Beauty Consultants, Beauty Advisors.

How do our customers percieve us, what do they think our role is? The only way is by writing this article. Hopefully it will make you laugh, most of all make you realise that we are HUMAN, just like you!

In each department store you have a beauty department, be it big, small, new, dated they all have them and they all have fully trained consultants to assist in your needs.

Each consultant has been trained in what they are selling, from make up, skin care, body and fragrance. This means we need to know ingredients, application techniques, what's new and what's out. Then with the knowledge we obtain we share it with our customers to offer the best possible service we can.

We are brainy little Bunnies when it comes down to it. Bunnies not Bimbos! Which leads me to what you think of us, How do you see us. What impression do we make?..

I know when I was a child around 10 - 11 as confident as I was, when it came to walking through a beauty department, god I hated it. Why do we have this image? It's not till you actually work on a Beauty Department your self that you see this truly isn't the case at all. They are all so friendly and polite, well most of them! On the department I worked on we were all one big happy family. Friendly, funny, gosh did we have a laugh. Oh sorry are we suppose to do that, laugh whilst we are working, be normal like humans should be, or be sour face and regimented!

Ask your selves. how would you like to see us when you walk through a department or up to one of the counters? Or do you avoid the counters for the reason that you don't like to be asked if your currently using their range, or if you need any assistance. You see the thing is, if we don't acknowledge you, we get looked at as being some kind of stuck up snobs, then when we do we mostly get answered rudely with the response "I'm just looking".

No thank you on the end just plain old "I'm just looking".

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