Look after your mental health

Published on: 21 Aug 2020

Look after your mental health

Whether you are back at work, still on furlough or have been made redundant, there is no debating that we are living in unprecedented times.

From the chaos of lockdown and the empty supermarket shelves, to the serial experience of having to wear a mask to go on the train or into a shop…Covid 19 has certainly turned everything upside down and put us in a world that no one could have ever seriously predicted.

It is fair to say that everyone has been affected by Covid.  Many have lost a loved one; some have had to isolate for months and forego the pleasure of seeing friends and family.  Some have had financial worries which are in many cases on-going and most of us have experienced the feeling of ‘cabin fever’ not able to leave our homes as we normally would. 


So how can we protect our mental well-being and stay sane? 

  1. Focus on what makes you happy. Lockdown has given us one thing that many of us claim not to have enough of – Time!  Time to look at our lives and work out if we are happy with the direction we are heading in and getting what we want out of our lives.  If you haven’t done so already, create your own lockdown and take the time to work out what makes you happy.  Small things or big things, whatever it is, build them into your day to day life for general and mental well-being.
  2. Stay positive.  When the world around you seems to have gone mad, it can be disconcerting.  Many of us have experienced days during the last few months when all we have wanted to do is climb back into bed and hide under the duvet.  We may not even really know why we feel this way.  So whilst you are under there, ask yourself what is making you feel so blue and how can you change your state into a more positive one.  Easier said than done but taking time to be honest with yourself and delve deep into your own thoughts can be therapeutic in itself.
  3. Set goals. Work, health, fitness, hobby or love life – whatever is on your agenda, start working out how you can achieve what you want out of life.  This gives us a purpose and a reason to get out from under the duvet each day and something to strive for.  At the route of a lot of depression, lack of purpose can make us loose that drive we need to feel positive.
  4. Keep busy.  Lockdown has forced us to stop.  We are not good at not having anything to do.  Our society is an over-worked and chaotic one where no one has time to breathe…until there is a pandemic!  So, what do we all do?  Get busy doing jobs…house, garden, DIY etc.  Now we are emerging out of lockdown, and we are all fed up of house projects, we need to find other constructive things to keep us busy.  If you have been made redundant, you may feel lost, low, down, especially as the job market is yet to pick up in the spa and beauty industry.  Temping could be the perfect solution to keep you busy and help keep the cash tin rattling while you look for your next permanent role.  Equally if you are furloughed and waiting to find out if you have a job to go back to, spend time doing on-line self-development, keep up to date with the industry and start writing your plan of action for the day you start back at work. 
  5. Look after number 1.  There is only one you. And only you know what is going on in your mind.  Therefore, you need to take responsibility for your own well-being.  Get to know yourself and place yourself at the front of the queue in terms of priorities.  This way, if you are on top form, you can support and care for those around you much more effectively.

If you need some tips on writing your CV. https://www.hairandbeautyjobs.com/article/creating-a-cv-for-hair-and-beauty-roles/?s=4

Stay safe and keep mentally well.

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