Lynn Wilcox, Clinic Manager for SkinGenesis

Lynn talks to Hair and Beauty Jobs about her passion for her work at the clinic, the qualities that make a good aesthetic nurse and gives advice for any nurses looking to join the aesthetics industry.

Q. What were you doing before you joined SkinGenesis?

I worked for a well-known nursing recruitment agency.

Q. What attracted you to joining SkinGenesis?

Before joining the nursing agency I had 13 years working in refractive eye surgery and found lasers fascinating. The advertisement for the SkinGenesis job mentioned the Intense Pulsed Light technology we use and I could see that this was an advance on lasers. I fancied learning a new technology as well as having the challenge of building a clinic from scratch.

Q. Why did you want to specialise as an aesthetic nurse?

As a nurse you always want to make things better for your patients. While I'm a bit squeamish about some of the extreme surgery you see on tv, I do believe that the latest non-surgical techniques can bring lasting benefits to many people. The results we have had over the last 5 years have been fantastic and very rewarding.

Q. What treatments are you qualified to carry out at the clinic?

Everything from microdermabrasion to peels, intense pulsed light, laser teeth whitening, 'no-needle' mesotherapy, and, one of my favourites, is the DermAmelan de-pigmentation treatment. In the future I may train to do Botox and filler injections.

Q. Can you tell us what training you had to undergo in order to qualify in this sector? Is training ongoing?

SkinGenesis are very good at providing their own training in conjunction with their suppliers. They also sponsored me through a BTEC in Laser and IPL Therapy. Training never ends!

Q. What are the necessary skills and attributes of a good aesthetic nurse?

The main thing is to fully understand the client's needs. We talk about 'empathy', and, of course, client confidentiality is key. You then need an in depth knowledge to perform the treatments safely and effectively.

Q. What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

I'm very proud of being given a pretty free rein in building the clinic to its current successful state, but the biggest buzz is seeing clients gain in confidence and satisfaction as the treatments progress. It's not overstating it that we have transformed some of our clients lives.

Q. What have you personally gained through your time with Skin Genesis?

I have enjoyed working closely with the directors and they have helped me develop my managerial skills. And, of course, I now have that BTEC qualification!

Q. Is it preferable for nurses wanting to make the transition to aesthetics that they undergo training in 'beauty'?

I wouldn't say so. Having now been responsible for training and developing several NVQ 3 Beauty therapists I can see that the various beauty courses out there don't really prepare you for the high tech world of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. That's why the company has to invest so much in its own training.

Q. What positive changes would you like to see take place in the aesthetics industry?

A greater understanding from the Healthcare Commission of the value of what we do.

Q. What advice would you give to a nurse, say within the NHS, that would like to specialise in aesthetics?

I think the big question they need to answer is how they think they will fit in to the culture of a private business. While the client's interests are never compromised, there are commercial realities that don't exist in the NHS. Efficiency and hard work are well rewarded in private industry!

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