Maharlika Therapeutic Massage

Locating the real issue

Do you suffer from body pain and have you tried different therapies without long lasting relief?

You may not be a hopeless case but rather a victim of deep connective tissue restrictions in your body, a serious and common problem that is still neglected by or unknown to most therapists.

Along with tendons and ligaments, fascia a dense connective tissue sheet that covers all organs and allows the free movement of the muscles gets easily injured by inflammation or toxins. Due to its slow and poor healing process it shrinks and makes pressure on muscles, inner organs, vessels and nerves. Pain occurs from the fascia by itself and the affected area. With time the whole connective tissue net in the body adapts to the area of restriction, causing new problems often far away and creating a vicious circle. You may suffer from various body pains without definite cause.

Maharlika therapeutic massage - 

A therapy for problems caused by restricted connective tissue. Because this restriction affects the whole body the work is not only concentrated on the painful area but includes the entire system. By gentle subtle mobilisation, finger pressure and even active movement the fascia gets released, leading to spontaneous healing and pain relief. It's not just a massage but rather a serious and sensitive probe into and alteration of the complicated connective tissue net.

A Maharlika Therapeutic Massage on the holistic side will help to relax the body, mind and spirit, assists with physical imbalances, blood circulation and eliminate toxins from the body. It can be use for Facial massage technique including entire head neck and arms that will take approximately 25 minutes.

A technique using finger pressure will help stimulate the flow of "chi" in the body's energy channels.

Touch is the core of Maharlika Therapeutic Massage. It relieves muscular tension, soothes headache, and helps to treat insomnia. It also promotes improve blood circulation, detoxifies, and helps to treat internal pain.

© Victor Quemuel

Maharlika Therapist/Trainer


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