Maintaining Spa Standards when Fully Booked and Busy

Looking after yourself

Rushing backwards and forwards to greet your clients, and performing treatments can cause your personal standards to slip. Always make sure to take a minute to look in the mirror, ensure your hair is still neat and no pieces have become loose. Re-apply your makeup where necessary and check that nothing has been spilt down your uniform, whether it be some face mask or some of your lunch which you have had to eat at lightning speed! A uniform should always be clean and ironed before every shift.

Personal hygiene and a neat and tidy appearance is a must when dealing with the general public. There is ALWAYS time to wash your hands in-between clients and should be done diligently after or before each client.  This can be done whilst the client is in the room. I have often had clients comment that it is ‘nice’ to see this physically being done in front of them.  

Looking after your room

When you are extremely busy it is difficult to maintain standards within your room. You may find wax has been dripped on the floor, your bin maybe overflowing or your products may have become low. Although these are just a few examples unfortunately the maintenance of all these things are down to you as a therapist to take care of (unless your spa is lucky enough to have employed a 'trainee' who may help with some of these tasks). You need to remember that after stepping into your treatment room your client will have an instant impression of how you care for your client. You need to learn to prioritise judging by what treatments you have booked in.

For example if your wax pot has become messy and you don't have any more waxing appointments booked in for that day then try to place the wax pot out of sight of your client and then clean it later. Your clients will not be able to tell that your product levels are low, therefore if you have all that is required for that day then replace them at a time when you are less busy. Certain tasks cannot be left, for example clean towels or a dirty floor. 

However you can make things easier for yourself in these busy periods. Have a small supply of towels in one of your cupboards and quickly replace when you can. Fill a small disused bottle with wax cleaner and label it clearly so that you don't have to go into the stock cupboard, wasting extra time. That way you can give the room a quick once over before taking your client through. 

Even though some details of keeping your room up to standard can be left until the end of the day clean up, hygiene standards are extremely important and must be prioritised. Your spa will generally allocate time for this or a have a spa junior to help with sterilising your tools, changing your towels and cleaning and sanitising work surfaces or equipment such as foot spas and facial tools.  

Along with this, all of your rubbish waste should be disposed of correctly and your client should never walk into a room with an overflowing bin, or rubbish on the floor.  There should be a sharps box provided (these are generally a yellow coloured box) where any needles for electrolysis or milia removal will be disposed of. 
Some companies will also have separate disposal for any rubbish which may have blood or skin cells on them, this will be mainly your waxing waste.  This is not necessarily required, although some companies will abide by this method. 

Juggling the mix of keeping your personal appearance and room tidy, along with keeping to your treatment times can be difficult, however as a therapist it all comes with experience and you learn to be very adaptable.
Time management and treatment standards:

However busy you are within the spa, your standard of treatment should never change. Each client deserves a first class service and even if you are put in the position where maybe a client has been squeezed in or booked incorrectly, they should still feel pampered, relaxed and that they are having quality time with you. Remember, they are paying for your time and your commitment to their treatment needs.

A client’s treatment time should never be 'cut short'. Occasionally you may not run exactly to time and you may be late for the next appointment. Most spas will allow you setting up or cleaning time (however the majority of your cleaning will be done at the end of the day); this should give you extra time to catch up if you have run over. In the event of you running extremely late to the point where your clients may be left unhappy, then contact your line manager or supervisor to look at possible solutions. Always apologise to your client for running late. Most clients will simply appreciate you letting them know the situation and how long they may be required to wait.

In the case of your client running late which does regularly occur, this may mean you having to switch around appointments with therapists that may be free or depending on your spa policy may require your client to 're-book'. This is a last resort and every effort should be made to accommodate the client.


To conclude, in the event of a very busy weekend or seasonal period your spa may push you to the limit, however always follow these key points and remember that a therapist should always remain calm and collected in any environment.

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