Make-up Trends for 2015

One way to keep an eye out for what’s coming later in the year is to take a look at the Red carpet styles of awards season. 

The Grammys this year were jam packed with nude lips! From subtle, soft pinks, to creamy beige nudes, they were sported by the top celebrities along with the ever classic smoky eye. 

Nude lips can be difficult to wear, if you get it wrong they can leave you looking pale and washed out but choose the right tone for your skin and they look gorgeous. Fair complexions look best with a nude with a pink undertone. Tom Ford Lip Colour in Nude Vanille is a perfect soft pink; also Mac lipstick in Hue is a gorgeous colour. 

Medium and olive skin tones work best with a warmer, honey or peach nude; I like Clinique Creamy Nude, an easy to wear peachy nude and also Mac Crème D’Nude, a pale peach beige.

Darker complexions look great in caramel tones; try L’Oreal Barely Moka, a barely brown or Bobbi Brown lip colour Chocolate, a sheer dark chocolate brown. 

Even though you want this lip look to be soft and natural I still recommend using a nude lip liner to give a subtle definition to the look.  

At the Oscars we saw some bold lips too, in the form of matte reds and glossy plums. These lip colours can be harder to wear so it’s all about choosing the right shade for your skin tone, especially red.

We are always told that fair, cool skins should choose a pink based red, and warmer skin tones should opt for orange reds. This is good advice as those tones will work well however it can be restrictive so I suggest trying colours out, on lips preferably, and you will immediately see which colour works best. 

One shade will blend and harmonise with you and the other will stand out and ‘pop’ so it really depends on which look you prefer. When choosing colour you also have to consider more than just skin tone; think about hair and eye colour too.

One common theme we did see at both these events was another key trend this year, a more natural approach to make-up including softer, more natural looking dewy skin. 

Many brands now are launching new ranges of foundations that claim to deliver flawless long lasting cover but in super light and sheer formulations. I have always believed that skin should look like skin not foundation so I love some of these new ranges. 

Some of my particular favourites are the Fusion Ink by YSL; this foundation feels almost serum like and literally melts into the skin but still leaves a flawless finish. It lasts really well too; they claim 24 hours although I’m yet to try it for that long! 

Dior has launched Nude Skin, a very similar base that is light and natural but corrects to give a natural shine free glow. A little less expensive, but equally as effective is Lola by Perse Picture Perfect Foundation. This base is light reflecting giving a natural, fresh finish that’s easy to blend for a light to medium coverage.

The last year saw everyone following the contouring rage! This isn’t a new trend but something that professional make-up artists have been doing for years. Thankfully the very over accentuated contouring is slowly being replaced by a more realistic, natural contour that works in real life not just in front of a camera.

More brands are bringing out products that are easier to apply and blend much more effectively to provide a subtle contour and highlight. 

Some good products to take a look at are Clinique Chubby sticks; there’s one for highlighting and one for contouring. Both are creamy and easy to apply straight from the tube, blending well with the skin. If you prefer a powder product opt for Sleek Face Contour Kit: a contour powder and illuminating highlighter in one palette.

You can also always just use a foundation that’s slightly darker than your regular base to subtly contour too.

One thing worth remembering, which doesn’t often get mentioned on contouring tutorials, is only contour and highlight where you need to! Most videos and tutorials encourage a full face of both but you really need to look at what you want to achieve and why.

The basics of these techniques is that contouring will push features back and highlighting will bring forward so for example if you already have a fine, narrow nose you possibly won’t want to make it appear narrower, likewise if you have prominent chin you won’t want to highlight this feature, in fact you may want to diminish the prominence so you need to consider what you are doing and why!

Finally continuing the trend for a more natural approach to make-up this year we finish with brows.

For so long brows were a neglected part of a make-up routine but that all changed with the appearance of HD brows. This is a complete eyebrow shaping treatment that includes waxing, threading and tinting. This treatment can look beautiful and very natural however in many cases brows became the most prominent feature and what has become known as the ‘Instagram Brow’ took over! Brows were over shaped and defined and really took over the features. Of course it is personal preference how you ‘wear’ yours but ideally the brows should accentuate and frame the eye, complimenting the eye make-up not dominating it.

The benefits of wearing less make-up and using more natural finishes is that you use less product, which saves money in the long run, but more than that it celebrates becoming more comfortable in our own skin and showing off our natural beauty!

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