The 7 Tools Every Professional Make-Up Artist Is Investing In

Written by: Marco Caporossi
Published on: 21 Jun 2019

Have you heard of the old phrase, ‘A man is only as good as his tools’? This is certainly one expression that professional makeup artists would agree with.

Great makeup brushes and tools are vital for achieving a professional makeup look. And while you might be investing in high-quality foundation, eyeshadow and lip color, even the finest makeup products need the right tools to get the very best out of them.

Whether you are an aspiring makeup artist or upgrading your tools to help you make it to the pinnacle of the industry, here’s where the greatest makeup kit investments should be made:


Without a doubt, make-up brushes are the number one item in every professional kit. They are the key to getting the best possible look from any makeup product, whether you are working with a top of the range product or not.

While there are brushes available at every price point, remember that brushes are an investment; a good set should serve you well for a really long time.

There are many kinds of makeup brushes available, from the fluffiest powder brushes to the thinnest liner brushes.

Most types are worthy of a place in your kit since a fuller range of brushes will help you become more versatile in the styles you create. However, for a streamlined kit, here are five of the most highly-used and essential:

1. Foundation Brush

When used alongside a good quality foundation, the right foundation brush has the power to completely transform skin. After all, clients expect professional artists to be able to achieve a flawless, poreless look; a good foundation brush makes this possible.

By blending foundation in with a good foundation brush, a natural look is achieved. With a perfect base achieved, the artist can turn her attention to the eyes, lips, cheeks and brows, without flawed skin detracting from the overall look.

A high-quality foundation brush will pick up just the right amount of makeup and deposit it evenly on the skin.

To apply a liquid foundation, you should look for a brush with dense but soft bristles to ensure the even coverage of foundation.

Soft, flexible bristles are essential to be able to glide across the skin, working the makeup into the skin as they go. Finally, you should seek out a brush with a domed head so that foundation can be worked into the nooks and crannies of the face, such as around the nose.

2. Concealer Brush

A concealer brush will help you create a truly flawless look when you are working with more tired-looking or blemished skin.

You’re looking for a concealer brush that will cover larger dark circles but is also precise enough to hide small blemishes. Of course, having two different brushes for these jobs is a possibility. However, if you would prefer to keep tools to a minimum for now, choose one brush that is up to both tasks.

The most versatile concealer brush looks like a miniature version of the foundation brush described above. It needs to be fairly firm to hold enough product and blend well. Moreover, a domed shape one will help you apply liquid and cream concealers to blemishes with precision.

3. Blush Brush

Blush or bronzer can look streaky or garish when applied badly. It’s so important to get the right amount of color in the right place. This is why a good blush brush is an important tool in any professional kit.

The right blush brush needs to be precise enough for color to land in the right places. But, it should also be soft enough to be able to blend in color really well and avoid those unwanted streaks.

A good blush brush also makes a really versatile tool, since it can also be used for powder foundation if needed.

4. Shadow Blender Brush

There are a few really important qualities a professional makeup artist looks for in a shadow brush. It needs to be soft enough to not painfully drag the delicate eye area. The bristles also need to be dense enough to be able to pick up and deposit the right amount of color for the desired look.

The brush head should be small enough to be precise, but large enough to easily be able to blend color across the eyelid.

5. Angled Brow and Liner Brush

An angled brush is a really versatile tool. It’s perfect for defining brows using powder or applying liner. To find the best quality brush, you’re looking for something firm enough to be precise, and soft enough to be gentle on the eye area.

You’ll need a firm, flat brush head to recreate brow hairs with easy strokes, plus a nice sharp angle to create a precise brow silhouette. The same brush can be used for all types of eyeliner. The angle will give you great control, meaning meticulous lines and great coverage.

Other Essentials

Alongside great brushes, there a few other makeup tools seriously worth the investment.

6. Tweezers

An amazing pair of tweezers is a must. They’re one of the most used items in the professional makeup artist’s kit. Aside from removing the odd stray hair, they’re an essential tool for applying lashes with precision.

Definitely invest in the best pair you can. Better quality tweezers aren’t just more precise; they’ll cause less pulling and, therefore, less pain, too.

Look for a pair of tweezers that feels sturdy and easy to grip. They need to have a fine point so that you can be really precise, but not too sharp so that accidents can be avoided.

7. Lash Curlers

Very few people are blessed with long, curly lashes, so often a little help is needed to get some lift and curl to highlight the natural beauty of the eyes.

There are a few ways to create astounding lashes. A great mascara is one, as are false lashes. Lash lift and tint kits can also create dramatically beautiful but natural-looking eyes.

However, one tool in every professional makeup kit is a great pair of lash curlers. These can very quickly create the ultimate natural-looking lashes, and leave eyes looking bright and wide-open.

Lash curlers should have a well-cushioned pad to avoid damage, and you should only need to hold or pulse gently to achieve a great curl.


Well Worth the Investment

Experienced professional makeup artists are prepared to invest in their brushes and tools because they know that by using a better quality product, they’ll have more precision and control, get better coverage and prevent their clients from experiencing discomfort.

They also know that these products are likely to last longer and remain trusted tools in their kit for many years.

Whatever stage you are in your career in beauty and makeup, it’s definitely worth making great quality brushes and tools a priority.