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Published on: 22 Sep 2017

The natural look

This year has been about going back to simpler make up for the average person, and reverting away from the, ’everyone’s a theatrical make-up artist’ vibe, and going with the more natural look.

Natural looking skin:

The first step to the natural look is healthy looking skin. With all of the new indie skin care brands popping up like Al’Junaina, Alpha, Pixie, Hannes Doitter and African Botanics good skin care has become a must, in order to make the skin glow underneath, allowing you to do minimal makeup and give it that natural glow.

Glowing highlighter

To add to this natural glow, one trend that isn’t leaving us this year is highlighting. Infact it’s probably gotten more widespread.  Everyone wants the natural look, but, natural can, at times, look boring and dull. So what better way to brighten up your look than with a highlighter to bring out the contours of your face more subtly and add a healthy glow to your face.

Statement pieces

This glisten of the highlighter functions like the statement piece which has also come into season.  Pops of colour are becoming increasingly popular, to contrast with the minimalism of the ‘natural look’.

1. Pop of colour on eyes:  coloured eyeshadows

2. Bare cheeks and lips can be contrasted with a pop of colour on the eyes, like statement jewellery to draw attention to them.

3. Pop of colour with Blush bombs. Likewise bare eyes and lips can be contrasted with ‘bomb’ of of blusher, to add extra colour and life to your cheeks and give it a glow.

4. Pop of colour with Bold Lips. This is probably the most popular, because it’s always easier to do minimalistic face and bold lips, than it is to spend time doing bold eyes or a bom of blush without making it look like theatre makeup. Bold lips are a perfect statement piece for any time of day and any occasion and can be easily brought out by the right jewellery or clothes and very often can make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Smudgy Smokey Eye

Who really has time to be perfecting their defined smokey eye on a regular day?  It’s just so much easier to smudge eyeliner around your eye for a less defined and less harsh look.

Glitter Everywhere

Glitter is everywhere. Not happy to only have glitter on our eyes, it’s now a super trend on our lips, to give them much more of a pop and make a simple look appear more dazzling.


Gloss seems to be coming back in with the new natural style because gloss gives more of a dewy natural, healthy finish to the lips. And for those who don’t always want to wear lipstick but what to line their lips, lip gloss can help blend the liner, so you still get the full defined lip effect without the 80’s 90’s lined lip look.

Burgundy: new nude

It’s that colour that looks perfect on everyone all the time. It can be done subtly with eyeliner, or a thin line of glitter eyeliner, or a bit heavier with eyeshadow, either way this colour can be used night or day. Pair it with nude pink lips and plum blush for a sweet romantic look or nude cheeks and matching lips for more glam.


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