Mascara and Men

If there are two things in life we can't live without, it's got to be mascara and men. When searching for the perfect mascara, I began to draw parallels between the two. When we make that purchase, it's a commitment; lipgloss we love, eyeshadow and blush too; we flirt with colour, romancing shades of coral and pink, but mascara is different, it's a labour of love.

The perfect mascara, like the perfect man must meet our criteria of wants and expectations. It's a relationship forged on trial, error, patience and hard work. So what drives this initial selection? Are we seduced by the glossy packaging, the smart suit, square jaw and rugged good looks? Or is it the promise; the answer to our desire for the curliest lash, the longest, the thickest, the lust, the love and the security. Whatever it is, we are cast under the spell, make that first move, and fall head over heels.

So we make our choice. We're excited and hopeful - will it result in everything we want? We get the product home, carefully unscrew the tube, releasing the wand cautiously, revealing the virgin brush, and indulge. A lot rests on that first application. Are you compatible, is this mascara delivering from day one, or does the result you're looking for require perserverance? It is interesting to note the point at which we give up on a mascara or a man. Should we be reapplying daily, hoping for the performance peak; are we a slave to our impatience?

After flirting with product after product, I found my perfect match in L'Oreal Lash Architect which, for me delivers long, curvy, voluminous lashes with perfect definition, everything one could wish for in a mascara. So that's it, you have your ideal partner, and you vow to stick with it through thick and thin, but what happens when the formula begins to dwindle or expire; when that spark shows signs of extinguishing? Do we reignite it, and replace it with an identical product? Surely we should work hard on our relationship now we believe we have found what we were looking for, and settled for what we believe to be the bast.

Temptation is everywhere. New mascaras appear every season; new textures, new colours, new promises. We believe we've found the one, but can it really hurt to just look? What would happen if we cracked under the pressure, we fall for that introductory offer, and we crack? Why can't we be satisfied with what we have, you know your mascara, the result it will achieve, it won't let you down, and yet you're still in the make-up aisle, and you buy. You've been seduced again, fallen for the promises that you have already had granted. Disappointment ensues, the new mascara not only fails to deliver, it doesn't even begin to measure up to what you had acheived with your trusty previous one. You feel foolish for giving in, a victim to the expert advertisers, maybe even guilty for cheating on your faithful friend.

Mascara monogamy is safe, I know where I am with my loyal Lash Architect. So will I allow temptation to take hold of me again, and will that first application excite me like a first kiss? Mascara may not be exactly like men, but as long as there's a bigger, better deal, the chances are we will always keep our eyes firmly open.

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